Oct 5th and 6th

I will be there, anyone else going?

R.I.P. MrScott... You're greatly missed!!

Yep i will be there with my friend,staying at LHP,looks like a nice warm october weekend to :-)

I will be there 6 total


I will be their on the 6th. I'm already spooked out about how many people will be their, but I still think it will be a Cedar Fantastic Day!!! *** Edited 10/5/2007 7:35:42 PM UTC by Watson***

I will be there on the 6th with a few friends.... and I too am looking forward to a Cedar Fantastic Day!!!!!

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Count me and my girlfriend in!! We will be there later on Saturday, and all day Sunday. Looks like a sweet weekend!!

MLEM4S Still Rules!!!

I have to work Saturday & Sunday, so I'll only get to go tonight. I'll be there with my big, brave protector from all things scary - my 12 year old son.

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