Oct 12-14th

We will be there this Sunday. My girlfriend, her brother, his girlfriend, and I.

We will be riding Skyhawk, Maverick, Millennium Force, Magnum, TTD, and PT over and over.

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dont miss wicked twister

I'm going out to get some air.

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Considering it was a year ago, your message may be too late.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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I absoloutely do not know how that happened. I was in recent posts I thought.

I'm going out to get some air.

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Maybe you went back in time for a couple of minutes. But by the time you pressed the "post" button, you were back in present time.:)

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

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My delorian is parked outside. Gotta stay out of it.

I'm going out to get some air.

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