Obscure Facts?

What are some little known fun facts about Cedar Point? I know some people on here have seen a lot and I'm very curious what you've learned over the years.

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Ok, the wheelbase change on the Corkscrew was initiated by CP maintenance to fight a design flaw that threatened the ability to keep using the trains/ride system. It was designed and implemented right here and was eventually done at every location worldwide. The rear wheelsets were originally right under their little fenders instead of behind them as far as they are now. The original restraint releases used to be up high where there is now an easily visible patch covering the slot. This extended wheelbase reduced the load on the frame in this section and kept the ride safe and viable.

Essentially CP saved the Arrow corkscrew train design worldwide.

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Let me get back to you on this. My father worked for CP for 14 years and I'm sure he has some interesting things from over the years.

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Just stumbled on this thread. Did he tell you anything?

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