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...but since CP is home to one of the Camp Snoopy's, I thought that this was news-worthy: reported that Charles M. Schultz, creater of Peanuts, will retire on Jan. 4, 2000. Ending more than 50 years of Snoopy and the gang gracing the newspapers. :-(

I wonder what that means for the future of Camp Snoopy?

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Nothing...I seen a interview with Schultz on TV about 3 weeks ago. He said when he retires, only the comic strip will not be made anymore. His family will run the company and all merchandise will be unaffected. Kind of like Micky Mouse.

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United Feature Syndicate will oversee the rights and licensing of the Peanuts properties for the rest of time. Cedar Fair's arrangement with them will be unaffected.

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I have another non related CP question. I have a report to do in school What is the general money range a roller coaster designer makes and the degree that most of them have.
This is something I have been wondering since CP opened last season...
Has Charles Schultz ever visited Camp Snoopy? I was just wondering if anyone knew.

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