No sky ride on opening weekend?

It closed early yesterday and did not open today...why?

The wind is currently at 9 mph there.

It was open yesterday. Also this couldn’t have been posted in the Opening Weekend thread??

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I looked at the webcam in the evening to check the crowd (huge) and Skyride was running just fine.

It closed while I was waiting in line, around 6:30 p.m. They didn't say why but earlier in the day after I first got there the Sky Ride was stopped with cars still on the line. They sat there for maybe 15 minutes. The weather today called for possible thunderstorms, so maybe that's the reason it isn't running today.


It closed early yesterday and did not open today...why?

It saw you stalking it on the cameras and got shy.

Any threat of storms left the area hours ago. If the park people know that a ride is going to be down all day then the ticket price should be adjusted accordingly. The park was never run this was years ago. And with the sun shinning now, why not open the ride back up today?

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So, should that be adjusted all of, what? A nickel?

The park does not guarantee rides will be open. It's part of the Ts and Cs on your pass or ticket. This has been the case for decades.

That you think Sky Ride, of all rides, should cause a ticket adjustment is really funny.

Yes, it was a bummer they weren't running Sunday but so weren't alot of other rides (most likely due to staffing). Wild Mouse was down multiple times throughout the day and I had to get out of line twice due to maintenance issues. I never did get to ride it but..... I'm not asking for any refunds. Yeah a bummer but stuff happens.

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Coasterhawk questioning the operational status of Sky Ride is the annual tradition we never knew we needed.

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I just love the idea of someone thinking the ticket price should be adjusted if a scenic ride was closed the whole day.

^^ Thank you. I thought I'd seen him whine about the Skyride being closed in previous years, but don't care enough to look it up.

The thread is also misleading because there was in fact Sky Ride on opening weekend.

But I don't think those dots connect.

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Yes, thankfully I did get a Sky Ride in on Saturday morning.
But, like the Mouse, it's down more than up. ) :

I’m hoping Sky Ride will be open this weekend, and also hoping that the mice will cooperate.

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…when you know who started a post just by looking at the title…

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Sky Ride is operating today. Wild Mouse looks like it's down again.

No sky rides today. An associate of mine was up that way today for Mother's Day but he didn't see anything. Any word on why they were not running?

Well, this was the flag as I was walking in today.

Yes, I was there this morning. Very windy.

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I swear to god, I will never understand the obsession with why certain rides, especially those who are adversely affected by weather, are down or up on any given day.

It really doesn't take much wind to take down Sky Ride. There were so many times I'd walk by on a break and that crew would be sweeping because it was a little windy.

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