News: Happy Friar’s Fresh-Cut Fries Fest returns to Cedar Point

Yes I did, because one person said no one wants familiar food at the park while the other person said people want what is familiar. They both seemed pretty black and white in their assessment and that gave me the impression that they felt the other side was wrong, which we all know is incorrect.

I am perfectly fine with the park trying to greatly expand their food offerings. The point that I am trying to make is that if they can’t get the new offerings to be good, ie not soggy and not cold, then they need to improve what they are doing. Simple as that. If they figured out how to serve crispy breaded shrimp or hot brisket, I would gladly eat them. Like I said earlier, maybe I have incredibly bad luck with the new foods. Or maybe my expectations are simply too great for the capability of the park. I don’t expect gourmet, but I do expect hot and not soggy. I guess until they improve their new offerings I will stick with their fair type food.

I do have to ask, why does everyone continually go back to the chicken tenders? Is it because that is all the park can get right?

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I certainly hope that what you experienced was a fluke, and not a late-season downturn in food quality, especially at the Pavilion, where the food choices were good enough to actually encourage us to get all-day dining during our multiple-day visits back in July. Which seems like just yesterday.

The shrimp was one of my favorite selections there, and was never not great. In fact everything was cooked damn-near perfectly each meal each day.

It still sucks you experienced a fluke (if it was), but if it wasn't that's not good.

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^Agree with Kevin. We got the meal plan both days during our trip in June, and the shrimp were one of the highlights of all the food options both days.

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Now I am sad. If I head up there again this year I will get the meal plan and try it again. Fingers crossed that I was just unlucky.

And maybe I will have to break down and get some chicken tenders.

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I live near a park that prints money on the notion that people want food they don't ordinarily eat.

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Shades, leave me alone. Seriously.

Just to be sure, I read my post several times to make sure I didn’t say that “no one” wants familiar food. I was merely trying to come up with a sensible reason why TomT may not find some of the food items he remembers from god knows how long ago, and I wasn’t wrong. I used phrases like “perhaps…consumers…” and “these day park goers just might…”. Maybe you remember a later post of mine that said “this isn’t complicated and shouldn’t even be an argument“ yet you insist on making it one. I’ve given several example where both smarter choices and crappy items live side by side because yes, people want both. And that hot dogs can be found at Cedar Point and exactly where.
And truth told I wasn’t talking to you anyway.

I concur with Kevin and Dvo. I have had the Grand Pavilion shrimp at least a half dozen times this year, and I have never had a bad serving. It had to be a one time fluke.

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Wish they'd bring back the turkey they had early in the season. When I asked about it it didn't sound like there was much chance of it returning.

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Yeah, the turkey was great. The new roast beef/steak is alright, but it has more fatty pieces than I prefer.

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I'll eat the fat, you eat the lean. Between us both we'll lick the platter clean ;)

I prefer a little extra fat in my rump roast. ;)

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So what are the prices on the fries? I can't seem to find that information anywhere.

I think you have to go. Prices are subject to change.
If I recall correctly, last year they were around 10 bucks.

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That's so insane. I can get essentially the same thing at the UK fish & chips stand in Epcot for $4.25. And I frequently do.

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I looked up a photo I took last year and I am wrong. The specialty fries were 13.99. The portion was also huge- I’m calling it family sized. The small mountain of fries would feed 4 easily, and I saw a lot of people waste their left overs. Now I remember why I didn’t try any of them.

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Thanks for the photo showing the price! I went today and FYI: they aren't serving all four options at both locations. The one by the Raptor has the Philly Steak/Gyro options and the one by the Gemini has the Loaded/Cuban options.

I found this out the hard way when I went to the Gemini location and tried to order the Philly Cheesesteak option. Ended up with the Loaded, which was good but part of the 'loaded' was mediumish-hot chili beef and I'm more of a mild-chilli person. Still, it was worth it to have it once.

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I don't know about Epcot, but I had the gyro fries the other day. The mouse aint got nothin on this mutton!

Sit tight fellas ;)

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I’m usually a fry purist. I don’t really ever get toppings on fries except something to dip them into. Wondering how good this stuff is, and if it’s worth a try.

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Same. If I wanted the stuff on top, I'd get that without carbing it up with a load of fried potatoes underneath.

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Load up then go hit Magnum!

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