News: Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends returns next week

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It’s family fun by day and fright by night as Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends returns for its 26th year, select days and nights, Sept. 14 through Oct. 29.

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Will be there for more Face your Fear (13!) on Sunday, October 15th if anyone is in the neighborhood and wants to play along.

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Banished isn't listed as an outdoor zone but set pieces for it have appeared on Frontier Trail. Will the Trail be Tombstone Terror-tory now?

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

Kinda obvious with the wall they put up in front of it, but there's nothing listed for the Jack Aldrich theater.

Festival of Fear, Opening ScaryMoanies, DJ EVE, The Shrieks, Midnight Syndicate, & The Monsters are Coming, Charlie Brown are all listed as 'HalloWeekends Main Stage'. That seems like a lot to squeeze in.

I was wondering about Tombstone Terror-tory moving to the frontier trail as well. It seems strange the wouldn't have a zone there at all this year, plus the space Tombstone has historically occupied never seemed to me to be a great fit for a scare zone.

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Is there a map showing where things will be? Or any indication on whether they're using the island for anything?



but there's nothing listed for the Jack Aldrich theater

That area in front of the theater is going to be the home of the Haunted Dance Off Competition.

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Oh, I thought it was the new shoe toss game.

They better think twice about doing that there.

Don't see a map yet, but Blood on the Bayou is listed as one of the scare zones. I doubt they'd put it back near dragster. A lot of the decorations were still on the island fairly recently. Tombstone Terror-tory is still listed as frontier town, not trail, so no idea what's going on there.

None of the shows have times yet though, so they may still be making updates to the site.

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Here is everything you want to know:

Looks like Forbidden Frontier's island was swallowed up into a vortex and wiped off the face of the Earth.

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So... Arrow multi-looper confirmed for 2025 is what you're saying?

Also, link is borken for me.


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According to that pamphlet Power Tower is converted to be The Leaning Tower of Power. Also, Maxair is pert-near ready to go over the top. (had to use pert-near in the description)

Hmm, no shows on Thursdays (except the new butchers thing). Costume contest's gone this year. Guess the scare-a-oke wasn't very popular either. It'll be interesting to see how they set up Bayou on the trail. No mention of the new food options on the pamphlet.

Where are the show schedules listed? I don’t see it on the website or app yet. If they cut the shows out of Thu that makes Thu not a good night to attend along with the closed rides.

The pamphlet Kevinj just posted:

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I may be wrong or missing something but it appears the Jack Aldrich Theater will not be utilized for any shows. Has there been talk of it's demise that I may have missed?

That sort of makes sense. With the show roster essentially filled and Midnight Syndicate moving it’s left that theatre empty. It’s got a poster of sorts under the marquee area and someone posted above that the area in front will be used for something.


The pamphlet Kevinj just posted:

Thanks. it looks like Cedar Fair cutbacks at the cost of the guest experience. The shows are a big part of the event experience for some people.

The Aldrich Theater is so outdated (like a lot of buildings at CP). It’s small with a small stage, low ceiling, not pitched enough, poles in view lines etc. If CP is the flagship park they should have better entertainment venues.

That being said, at least it has seating for the audience and is indoors. The Midway Stage is not that great with the audience standing right in the walkway and putting the highly active performers in the summer heat (they have shortened Pep Rally shows because of heat). Having the 50s show on the pavement is even worse.

it would be nice if Cedar point at least had the equivalent of what Kings Island has for live entertainment venues

Sooo… the first thing I thought of is that Corkscrew is the next to join “Dead Rides Cemetery”

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