News: Cedar Point's Frontier Festival kicks off Thursday

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Frontier Town is set to come alive with live music, interactive games for kids and adults, artisans, crafters, roaming family entertainment, festive décor and savory corn-inspired treats as Frontier Festival kicks off this Thursday at high noon.

Photo courtesy Cedar Point

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High five!

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Do you think CP had to bribe them to take that pic with a free beer?

They've been pretty tight with the specifics this year. Usually cpfoodblog has a writeup on the whole thing.

$40 for 6 or $60 for 10. No mention of a passholder discount or deal.

From CP's & Walt's articles:

smoked corn on the cob
charred corn and chorizo flatbread
corn fritters
jalapeño creamed corn empanadas
elote sweet corn quesadillas
sweet corn cheesecake squares
Corn Ice Cream
Chicken OR Beef Walking Tacos

Also noticed that some of the currently closed restaurants will be serving these items. Guessing 'only' these items for the duration.

Plus, the content creator event is on the 3rd day. Wonder if they won't have everything ready day 1 and need time for a soft open.

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I think the use of currently closed locations for exclusive, ticketed events seems like the obvious way to go. The places are “empty” and can be set up or re-created to suit the needs of the event.
And as for day three, isn’t that Saturday? It also makes sense to invite the content creators on a day when most are likely available, and also when the park will be busier with participants.
I also don’t know why they’d open with passholder discounts or deals. I can see adding something like that if response to the event is slow.
For all we heard about the park dropping festivals and activities from the season line up I hope the complainers all turn out for this.

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It makes sense that there would be no discounts, given the apparent popularity.

I recall the first year the event just so happened to line up with our mid-June visit, and we were absolutely delighted with the value proposition of the food and drink. Which is to say, it was priced way too low. And the second year I recall it being far busier despite being a bit more expensive, so hopefully they've kept turning that dial up to the point where they're maximizing revenue and the experience by keeping it somewhat exclusive.


Didn't mean to sound that complain-y. I'm glad they're doing it. There's no reason to pre-order without the discount though. I'll still be looking at everything and decide from there. I agree that fine-tuning to maximize revenue impacts customer delight.

I'm also fine with using the existing locations for the event, just hoping that Miss Keet's, as an example, serves its normal menu as well. Having staff in there for FF removes that reason for it not opening. Not sure what to expect from Wagon wheel.

A busier creator saturday was kind of my point. 2 days to get the kinks out and provide a better experience for those who will be advertising the event.

The price is the same as last year as I remember 10 tastings for $60. There was an On Point Blog post yesterday with a list of most items along with pictures:

Looking forward to my visit Sunday!

$60 for 10 tastings is a great deal! We went to Knott’s for their Boysenberry festival back in April, and the only tasting option they had was 6 tastings for $60. Their portions were pretty big too. I love that Cedar Point does this Frontier festival, and the online package deals are a steal!

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Hard to tell, but does anyone know if the beer tastings are actually 12 oz or 16 oz pours? If so, I agree that's a very good deal.

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What is a "tasting" exactly? Is that a combo of one food item plus a drink?


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Not-meal-sized. Drinks are separate. I doubt the beers are even 12oz at $6 when they typically charge twice that.

This kind of thing has been such a way to print money that Epcot has it nearly year-round with their festivals. It's not unusual for us to burn through sixty bucks in one night if we each do two or more drinks.

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$60? I should be so lucky. Those Frozes/Slushes in France don't help.

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OK, so a "tasting" is either a sample-size drink or sample-size bite of food. Makes sense. And yes, quite a bit pricier than the last time we indulged. Glad it's been a success!


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^^^I would normally agree, but in the first years of Brew & BBQ, they were giving 10 to 12 oz pours when you got the beers if I recall, and they were even giving a free Valravn promotional beer to Platinum Pass holders. It was an absolute steal for those who wanted to indulge.

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Correct, drinks and food each separately cost a ticket. If it's the same as last year, the beers were an 8oz pour. For food, the samples were very tasty (mostly anyway subject to personal preference) and the portions actually felt like a good deal for $6.


but in the first years of Brew & BBQ, they were giving 10 to 12 oz pours when you got the beers if I recall, and they were even giving a free Valravn promotional beer to Platinum Pass holders.

Nothing will beat the 2016 Brew & BBQ. Almost entree sized portions at tasting sized prices, 12 oz pours and the free Valravn beer.

Yeah it's too bad I missed that one. I didn't really start visiting those until the past couple of years.

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Yeah, the first year or maybe two were a steal. I believe we received a certain number of tickets for staying at Breakers, and after sampling what they had we went and bought a lot more tickets for the following days.


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Yes it was stupid cheap. The $25 package for passholders got you15 tickets plus the free beer. 3 tickets would get you the 12oz beer, so we’re talking 6 beers (5 plus the free) for $25, or a little over $4 a 12 oz craft beer (many were heavy IPA’s even). Crazier still you didn't have to use the little 4oz sample glass, 1 ticket would give you a half pour in a full glass if you tipped well ;).

Currently if you do the 10 for $60, you could get 80oz of beer which comes out to about $9 a 12 oz beer . Still a decent value compared to the rest of the park, but no longer Louie's prices.

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