News: Cedar Point to host spud-tacular fresh-cut-fries event

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For over 75 years, Cedar Point’s original fresh-cut fries have been at the root of the park experience, drawing fans from all across the globe to savor the hand-cut, freshly-prepared potatoes. To celebrate its humble spud, Cedar Point will host the first-ever “Happy Friar’s Fresh-Cut Fries Fest,” beginning Fry-day, Sept. 9 through Sunday, Sept. 11.

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I’d be there for the French Dip fries and the Thai peanut fries. I can’t be in the same room as a truffle fry, however. Or the same patio.
As a reminder, Happy Friar didn’t bring us the fresh cut fries 75 years ago. It was a well-known Cedar Point vendor/concessionaire family, the Berardis. They continued to operate the famous fries stands at the park through the 1978 season. It looks like that particular historical fact doesn’t deserve a mention.
There are basically two types of fries that can be found on or near amusement zones. The east coast boardwalks and many state and county fairs serve the long, skinny fries usually in a cup or a cone and sprayed with vinegar and sprinkled with salt. Thrasher’s is a popular chain of fry stands and I had some last year at Rehoboth and Ocean City. They are so good.
Cedar Point’s fat, fluffy slices have a rival in Kennywood’s Potato Patch fries and enthusiasts argue over which park serves a better boat of spuds. I personally prefer Cedar Point’s, but truthfully there isn’t much difference. They both get long lines.

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^This is exactly what I was about to say. Their sign at the park brags about how they have been providing famous french fries since 1942 or whatever year they put on there. It's like Mama Berardi didn't even exist. The fries are similar, but if you've never been there, go to the Berardi's restaurant and try some REAL Berardi french fries. The Cedar Point fries are usually way too salty for my taste. But a plate of Berardi french fries with a side cup of dipping gravy is far superior.

The fact that my daughter is Mama Berardi's great-granddaughter has nothing to do with my bias for the fries or my disdain for the Cedar Point french fry snub.

Proud to have fathered a second generation coaster enthusiast destined to keep me young at heart and riding coasters with a willing partner into my golden years!

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Seriously…. Just go to Berardi’s

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You know you love him.

Is this event because the park didn't have a buyout by a company for next weekend? Or because a company cancelled on them or something?

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I was disappointed at how expensive they are now when I visited in the spring. Similar product at the fish & chips stand in Epcot costs $4.25.

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But can you eat your fries at the beach at Epcot? Location, location, location :)

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Even you won't get to eat all of your own fries if you take them out to the beach. You get the pleasure of sharing them with the Gulls.

True. I envision the fry fest being a sequel to The Birds.

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Can you eat the fries at Cedar Point in January?

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Can’t stay in Breakers in January either but the park still charges hundreds of dollars a night to stay there in the summer for a not so fancy room.

And I know it’s not a fair comparison.

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