News: Cedar Point to hire 7,000 seasonal associates for upcoming summer

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Week-long hiring event Feb. 18-24 to fill wide variety of roles

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Did anybody else notice the interesting coincidence that this dropped either on the same day or the day after the Walt Disney Company announced that they were going to reduce headcount by about 7,000 people company-wide?

Don't read anything into it, I just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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^Is there some International "Recruiting Orginization" that Disney, Cedar Fair, and others in the service/entertainment industry work with that makes a certain number of recruits available each year? Perhaps a first come-first serve process. Perhaps Disney did some cost cutting and CF needed to fill some serious gaps.

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Considering those 7,000 from Disney aren’t coming from the parks, I’d say no.

My poor attempt at a comparison search:

2023 - 7000 associates

2022 - 6500 associates

2021 - 6500 associates

2017 - 5000 associates

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