NEWS: Cedar Point Announces New Park Perk for 2023

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From the Sandusky Register

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Cedar Point is announcing a new perk for guests to take advantage of during the 2023 season. When the park opens on May 6th, Prestige Pass holders and resort guests can take advantage of Elite Early Entry, allowing parkgoers to enjoy some of Cedar Point’s major attractions. For just $25.00 per day, those guests will have access to a select area of the park a full hour before the official opening time. “Cedar Point has a long tradition of offering early entry as a premium perk to its guests,” said Tony Clark, Director of Communications for Cedar Point, “and Elite Early Entry will continue this tradition in a new and exciting way.”

The park is currently offering early entry access to several rides in the new Boardwalk area of the park, including the new Wild Mouse roller coaster, for resort guests, Platinum Pass holders, and Prestige Pass holders. A full list of those rides is available at the park’s website.

According to Clark, the park plans on opening a select area of the park for Elite Early Entry, with ride offerings changing throughout the season. On opening weekend, the record-breaking Steel Vengeance and Maverick roller coasters will be available for Elite Early Entry access. “The Boardwalk is going to be a timeless and beautiful addition to the park, so we wanted to make sure that was available to a broad number of guests,” mentioned Clark, “but we also wanted to offer something extra for those guests looking for that something extra.”

Offering smaller, specialized areas of the park for early entry would seem to be good for both park guests and employees. Several posters on, a popular Cedar Point focused website, shared their opinions about the park’s previous early entry program. TTD 120mph stated, “I've only been to the park a handful of times in '21 and '22 and never had a good ERT experience.” Another poster known as Cartwright posted, “…showing up at the start of Early Entry and actually having everything ready was a crapshoot at best.”

Another poster, Shades, simply expressed concern over the new program. “Creating false stories…is over the top to me.”

Clark also offered insight into some work going on around the park’s Iron Dragon roller coaster. “When we said we were reimagining the ride experience of Top Thrill Dragster, we also thought of the dedicated construction crews who bring our thrills to life.” Clark continued, “we recently did some lagoon maintenance that extended the area of land around the construction area to offer a dedicated space for port-a-pots for the workers to relieve themselves, instead of having nowhere to go but on the ride itself like they did in 2003.”

Cedar Point opens for the 2023 season on Saturday, May 6th. More info about the Elite Entry Pass can be found by clicking this link.

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How long did this take to type up?

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I was hoping for a Rick Roll at the end and maybe a mention of Hooters replacing Chick fil A, but that was good.

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Poor platinum pass holders!

Keep your receipt though…I heard you can show it at Famous Dave’s for a $25 credit on your bill!

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will continue this tradition in a new and exciting way.”

Nice throwback to September 2007!

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