News: Cedar Fair hires Brian Nurse as executive vice president, chief legal officer and secretary

You're really not bright, the fact that homes have more value is good. Another clown that thinks it's a badge of honor to live in an area with low income & low value homes. Do you understand the concept of appreciation in home values? Crappy areas like Sandusky homes appreciate little b/c there is not a high demand to live there & low income. Meanwhile, nicer area where more people want to live & have better jobs/income, like a Gurnee or Jackson NJ appreciate much more. Hint, since 2000 Jackson population has gone from 42,800 to 58,600(approx 37% increase) meanwhile Sandusky has gone from 27,800 to 25,100(approx 10% decrease) . Guess where homes are going to appreciate & cost more ? The area with growth in population. Econ 101 ....

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Oh get over it, nobody cares that you don't like Sandusky. I could do without Ohio in general as a place to live, but for ****'s sake, I know when to move on.

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"Breaking news: Local economy supported by local business" isn't the whip-smart analysis you think it is. It's literally how every small town in America with a big company in it works.

Sanduskyis wholly dependent , thus the numerous articles of apoplectic proportion in 2020. As stated before, Sandusky is a hole, low income area. Other places with big parks are not dependent on the parks for 80% of the towns operating revenue. Places like Gurnee(SFGAM), Jackson(SFGadv) have median income 2 or 2.5X Sandusky, they have a tax base regardless of the park, unlike Sandusky.

Can we finally add a downvote button for this guy??? Geez

Did the City Of Sandusky or CP fire you at some point? Or did a staffer take your GF in Middle School?

Dude, you beat this to death... What's your end game here? Do you want Sandusky to become abandoned? Do you want CP to relocate?

Let us know so we can help you find some closure sir...

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Sandusky's history and charm (with AND without connection to Cedar Point) will always be special to me, regardless of what trolls like CED23 spew. I am very thankful to live in such a beautiful small town - one that has its share of problems, but is still striving to improve itself anyway.

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