News: Cedar Fair announces first phase of development for esports facility in Sandusky

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The vision for this first phase of development is to create Northern Ohio’s premier immersive gaming experience for leagues, camps and clinics.

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The concept art:

Doesn't look like they're expecting many spectators for this first phase.

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This is really interesting! I watch competitive Smash on occasion, and there is a semi-big tourney that takes place at Kalahari every year. Looks like Cedar Fair is trying to get into that market.

I'm excited to see how this develops!

Frog Hopper 2022

According to the article, they are referring to the space that will house the gaming area as being 1,000 square feet. That is not very big. I just can’t see 32 gaming setups fitting in that space. Typo perhaps?

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Taken in the context of the initial announcement for the complete esports expansion, this is the first, small step. The expansion will ultimately have a 1,500 seat esports arena for larger competitive events, whereas this first phase seems to be more geared toward practice and small scale events. In that context, ~31 square feet per station for this phase seems reasonable.


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