News: All-new immersive holiday experience to debut at Sawmill Creek Resort

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This holiday season, the North Pole descends upon Ohio’s North Coast for The Season of Joy at Sawmill Creek by Cedar Point Resorts. Tucked away in over 200 acres of lush woodlands, Sawmill Creek will become a winter wonderland with dazzling lights, cocktails and comedy, craft workshops, caroling, and of course, a little holiday magic.

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That sounds fun. Glad to see they are starting to do things like this as it should help draw people to the resort.

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Rates seem very reasonable for rooms. I'm probably in for at least a Friday night in December for this.

Fantastic! We've gone to Oglebay in WV the past two holiday seasons for little getaways, this might be an excellent change of pace...

Looks interesting. Probably the closest thing to a winterfest we'll get any time soon. Is this open to everyone, or only hotel guests? Doesn't look like a ticketed event. Language like: 'nominal fee is required for select experiences' and 'nominal upcharge' implies at least some of it will be free.

Few thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Buying Sawmill might be the best decision they've made from a hospitality POV. When you consider everything contained in the Sawmill parcel, and the size of it, there's really not a huge need to put anything else on the Point itself.
  • Not sure how the conference space at the Sawmill compares to the Kalahari, but it seems like it would be incredibly well-suited for smaller nerd cons and things of that sort.
  • If they want this to be the CP Winterfest equivalent, IMO they just need to do it consistently so that it -can- become a tradition for people.
  • I'd love to see a Christmas Market setup like what you see in Europe or in Central Park.
  • Real armchair thought, with the boardwalk coming onboard: wonder if it would be feasible to pick up some German-style travelling flats that would be set up on the boardwalk all summer, then brought over to Sawmill for this event. You figure you'd be tearing it down for the winter anyway, and it'd give them something on the ride side. Wouldn't have to be anything crazy, but would definitely help the atmosphere.

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I don't think that they need rides. That's the whole point of what they're doing with this resort. They're diversifying their offerings to enable year-round revenue. The overlap of park-goers and resort-goers need not overlap, and in fact it's more of an opportunity if they don't because they see customers that they wouldn't otherwise see.

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I'd rather do this than ride Blue Streak, Cedar Downs and Scrambler at a CP Winterfest with the December winds off Lake Erie

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No!@!@ All that matters is RYYDDEZ!!

Already have our room booked. This is great. Definitely excited for the holiday version of dueling pianos!

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Looks interesting. Probably the closest thing to a Winterfest Cedar Point will ever ever ever ever ever ever have.


We don't go to Kings Island's Winterfest to ride Mystic Timbers, we go for the Winterfest. I'm sure it's a fun "bonus" for the whole experience, but not a deal-breaker. I was hoping they would do something like this with the "reimagined" resort; it's really beautiful.

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That Crazy Dan:

Not sure how the conference space at the Sawmill compares to the Kalahari, but it seems like it would be incredibly well-suited for smaller nerd cons and things of that sort.

THIS! A pretty big Smash Tournament was held last year at Kalahari. (Riptide) and will be back again for 2022. This is a perfect avenue to get into that market.
(riptide might be on the bigger end of what Saw mill can do tho, How big is the resort?)

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Finally had a chance to look up the details of this event. It's definitely geared towards adults and not necessarily a family affair, which is not, in and of itself, a bad thing.

It just wasn't what I was expecting, as we were looking for something close by as a little holiday getaway with the kids. I guess I'm so used to Cedar Point cramming the "family" message into everything it does lately that I assumed this would have more of a "something for everyone" vibe to it. Not so much.

That said, this would make a great getaway for a weekend without kids. The room rates are more than reasonable.

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Was at Sawmill on Monday for a small holiday event. One of the people in our group is a Cedar Fair corporate manager who played a large role in overseeing some of the Sawmill renovations. He took us on a short tour of some of the facility updates. It looks much nicer than it ever had previously. Quite impressed!

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Was there for one of the weekends for some holiday festivities. We had a great time and the resort is beautiful. I never went to Sawmill before the Cedar Fair acquisition other than the shop for an Alex and Ani bracelet. I kind of hope they bring the shops back or do something with the old building.

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