News: A pleasantly horrifying dining experience: Night of the Living Fed at HalloWeekends

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As HalloWeekends continues through Halloween night on Oct. 31, one of its most immersive, themed experiences happens in the culinary realm of the event. The Night of the Living Fed all-you-can-eat meal elevates menu selections, gives guests the chance to interact with Cedar Point’s monsters, known as Screamsters, and provides an atmosphere that’s unlike any other dining venue in the park.

Served in the park’s Lakeside Convention Center, Night of the Living Fed is a sinister smorgasbord of more than 20 appetizers, entrees and desserts, including fresh bucatini pasta in a black pepper cream sauce, Korean-style country ribs, apple harvest salad with vanilla bean vinaigrette and whole salmon sides glazed in ginger, honey and brown sugar.

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I've never done this, but have certainly wanted to. I have heard nothing but great things about pretty much every aspect of this experience.

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Sounds terrifying to me.

Has anyone done both the Dine in the Dark earlier this year and the Living Fed? How do they compare?

Hopefully the food is better than what they were serving up at Dorney’s version a couple years ago. That was damn near inedible.


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Are they not doing Night of the Living Fed and Day of the Fed any more? I'm not seeing any adverts for it.
I enjoyed it the few times I went; but can't remember if they had it last year or not (2022)

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Having never done it it's not really on my radar, but I have always heard good things. I can't seem to find it anywhere, so I am assuming it's no longer a thing.

On a more positive note, what is a new thing this year is a Halloween-themed catered meal for small groups. My group going next weekend will get a pretty decent menu; certainly better than what we typically get (the catered group meal is usually pretty C+ at best).

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2021 was the last time they did it. I miss it a great deal and hope at some point it returns.

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I imagine it would return at Cedar Point.

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On a more positive note, what is a new thing this year is a Halloween-themed catered meal for small groups.

That is excellent. I assume the buffet is in lieu of the "Single Meal Deal" listed on their groups page? If so, that's a heck of an upgrade.


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It's definitely a good deal.

Some context; my group, for the last decade, has done a catered-meal option during our trip. Those meals take place in the Lakeside Pavilion (which is a wonderful venue).

Since Covid, the catered meal options have decreased (not drastically but certainly less-than), while the price is now up to about $20 a person versus about $17 a couple seasons ago (doesn't sound like much but that's a nearly 20% increase and adds up per head quickly). Small group tickets are also up to $50 per person.

So I'm saving $5 per student overall (ticket plus meal), and the food is (on paper at least) exponentially better than the typical offerings.

The single meal deal is OK for some groups I'm sure, but we're a cohesive unit, so it gives us the advantage of not only the themed all-you-can-eat meal, but also having this take place in an indoor sit-down environment where we can all relax together and take a break.

That, and I got to pick what time we wanted, and its hosted in the Lakeside Pavilion.

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15-99 only. They WILL turn you away if you have 100 people.

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It was hands-down the best catered group meal we ever had. Had quick convos with the group-catering folks about how this must come back next year in some form.

I don't pride myself on taking food pictures (so it's probably not the best presentation here) because I rarely do, but I thought about all of you...

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On a somewhat unrelated note, how was Face your Fear? Hopefully was on Sunday, not Saturday.

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Saturday was a completely different kind of face your fear. I’m afraid I looked like Jim Cantore trying to get out to the parking lot.

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how was Face your Fear? Hopefully was on Sunday, not Saturday.

Thanks for asking. It was indeed Sunday (it's always the Sunday after Columbus Day Sunday, which is also Mount Union's "Fall Break").

The weather was near perfect. Some sun, temps in the 50's, and not a drop of rain until around 6:00, and even then it was extremely light.

This year 10 students (out of 26) had some type of roller coaster/ride phobia. I get early-entry for our group (thank you, Cedar Point!) so we can get right to work.

The list (in order of how they were conquered) included Millennium Force, Valravn, Skyhawk, Steel Vengeance, Power Tower, Maxair, and then Gatekeeper. Then lunch from 2:30 - 3:30 as we celebrate the hard work done and everyone is set free to play in the park until close.

I had an amazing hard working group of kids this semester. I mean, I still do since the semester isn't done until December, but this group stands out as one of the best. As always, all 10 conquered their phobias. 167 - 0 record for Face your Fear.

Not that I'm counting. I should do a trip report.

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Perhaps you've touched on this before, but is there a reason MF is the first ride? And is there an overcoming-your-fear strategy to the order of rides thereafter?


I was wondering the same thing. To me, it seems MF should be after Gatekeeper or Valravyn.

If I had to guess I’d say MF is a non-inverting, fast ride. And plenty tall so that it’s one scary accomplishment out of the way. If that first drop doesn’t cure at least half of em I’m surprised.
I’m going to sign up next year. Early entry and a nice boo-ffet lunch. And a chance to tell all of my amusement park horror stories while in line.

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