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Anyone notice the new shirts for sale?

Check out other designs at Great Ohio Coaster Club's Facebook page:

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I plan on buying the Jumbo Jet shirt. I don't care if the ride was removed 18 years before I was born! I was really happy to see something like that at Park Plaza when I checked out the gift shops. The merchandise quality over the last year or two has been greatly improved.

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I didn't get a chance to shop the short time I was there. Anyone see anything Blue Streak show up this year other than the patch?

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they did! They have a tshirt tri-high display at the shop in the front of park that has a shirt for all of the older coasters. They have a Blue Streak, Mean Streak, Magnum, Gemini, Iron Dragon, etc shirt all with there own fitting color. I took advantage and purchased the Gemini and Magnum shirts.

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I got a Valravn shirt, but the design of it is to look really retro and that's what made it stand out to me rather than the other shirts.

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Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but for those interested, Jungle Larry's, Space Spiral, and Earthquake all have new merch this year!!!!

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Cedar Point not having an online store where you can buy merch is so bizarre.

Great selection for this year...not just shirts but other items as well.

PyroKinesis09 said:

Cedar Point not having an online store where you can buy merch is so bizarre.

How is it bizarre? It makes much more sense for them to want people to come to the park to purchase such things.

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So then why does Disney have an online store? They even call it the Disney Parks Shop.

They used to have an online store. It would be nice -esp over the off season, to purchase items for birthdays or Christmas gifts.

I know a few that would prefer a CP shirt to add to their collection for their birthday. Esp at Christmas time, people do tend to be a bit more open to spend money they normally wouldn't.

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There is no reason not to have an online store. Cedar Point is large enough that all fulfillment could be done via drop shipment and it would be helpful for the company to track interest for its product lines as they would receive qualitatively better data than they do simply by gauging what they sell versus what they purchased. It would also alleviate some of the inventory and buying stress that are unique to seasonal sales.

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I can see both sides. On the one hand, Cedar Point is a seasonal amusement park. Interest in merchandise during off-months is going to be minimal. Full time merchandise employees are likely spending the off-season creating and ordering new merchandise for the next season. The online store they used to have was also not very good and had very little in terms of selection. Tickets and hotel reservations online appear to be separate systems, so selling merchandise would likely be another separate system.

On the other hand, it seems like it could work if they wanted it to. I bought a Thunderbird t-shirt from Holiday World months before it opened in 2015. I also have a Demon Drop recycle t-shirt from Dorney that I would not have without the existence of an online store at the time. I am certain many other folks on these forums did the same.

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They could easily have an online store during the off season. The merchandise warehouse is open anyway, since they still have to send stock to Castaway Bay. It would also be a good way to move a lot of the dead SKU's that have been sitting in the warehouse or in the back of stock rooms for a long time. My guess as to why they do not have an online store is because their system for inventory management is very archaic and inefficient.

Holiday World discontinued their online store last December: "A recent Supreme Court decision creates the need to keep track of sales tax for each individual state for taxable online sales (this doesn’t include online ticket sales or gift cards)." So if they didn't have the volume of merch sales like Disney probably has, it may not be worth the hassle.

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Wow, I didn't know that. That is very interesting and certainly sounds like valid justification not to offer an online option.

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I didn't know that either. But still, the park desperately needs a discount store again.

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