New Shoot the Rapids commercial

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Personally I don't like it. I think Maverick's commercial was better.

Pepsi Refresh is saving one coaster at a time:

They've had the audio version on the radio here in Detroit for a couple of weeks now, although the entire spiel was done by the old fella and had a bit more of a description (which makes sense considering it's on the radio).

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Its ok I guess. Not much you can do with a ride like that.

Can I have a link to the Maverick commercial?

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Also, here is the promo for the ride.

Pepsi Refresh is saving one coaster at a time:

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Oh, I remember those now. Good memories. That was one greatly promoted ride.

Let's Get Weird.

I have seen that one and heard the radio commercial and I would have to say, "Well done" Cedar Point!! I really enjoyed both the radio and TV commercials.

Gotta say, I like the TV spot. Nicely done.

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Thank You! They labored us long and hard. 125 degree temperatures, no bathroom breaks, made us walk uphill both ways in 4 feet of snow, just to get to the ride. And when we were done, they made us do it all over again. :-)

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Memories!!!….. still wish I could get back into my old campfreak account.

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Ah yes, the memories. I thought it was going to be a fun experience. Just moved to NE Ohio, thought that I "won something" by being tagged to go to the shoot.

Couldn't wait for the to tear the thing down about 4 minutes into our first ride, which only took 7 hours to get after eating donuts all morning.

It was nice to meet you that day, though, Campfreak.

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