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when i log in i see the little icons beside the topic in the post. if i mark them as read anything new will pop up with that icon telling me that someone wrote new stuff in that topic right???? Im new to this, cant you tell. Thanks for the help in advance

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Yeah. Clicking Mark Forum as Read will clear all topics in the forum and mark them as read.

Clicking Mark all Forums read (On the main page) will mark every post in every forum as read.

I almost wish we had a 'mark thread as read' button. I know I've gone through and read a couple threads, but not the whole forum and so I don't mark as read, then go back later and have a hard time figuring out where I left off. I'm sure that's a bit more complex to add, though.

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thanks a bunch, now i understand.

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Jeff has a few new features that help this along in the new build. Check it out over on CoasterBuzz.

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The early incomplete version is here:

I will likely work in something that causes a new thread to not be marked new once you've viewed it.

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