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Looks like there's some new passes available. I'm assuming these are in addition to Gold and Platinum. Not something I'm particularly interested in, but the included benefits make me wonder if they're going to limit PreK pass sales.

The way I'm reading this, it says that all of these Platinum Pass perks on the left continue with Prestige, but the things on the left do NOT continue with Platinum Passes, and this list includes "Early entry," which is what I find the most interesting here.

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I don't know if I'm reading too much into this, but it also advertises Unlimited Halloweekends visits.

Lifetime Laps on Woodstock Express: 0

I'm assuming the 'single fast lane per visit' is actually per day, that would be easily abused otherwise. Also noticed Kings Island has a 'front of the line pass' instead.

Too bad they couldn't do an extra hour at night instead of in the morning. That would have sold it to me.

Wonder what the enhanced passperks will look like. The current ones were rare and practically worthless.

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I’m noticing regular Prestige doesn’t include other Cedar Fair parks. You have to jump up to Prestige+ for that and an extra $10/mo.

This also jumped out to me. Me thinks the new Platinum pass is going to be… something.

edit - this didn’t quote reply. This is reply to the Unlimited Halloweekends comments above.

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I am uncontrollably confused now as to which of the 7 passes I will require for max fun

First ride; Magnum 1994

Now to just keep an eye to see if they go on sale towards the end of this month as the season passes usually do, and dare I say this is their first premium pass that actually seems to be at a premium price point?

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Interestingly enough... Looks like if you use the right accesso keyword you can find the pages for the 2023 passes.

Some other reinteresting discoveries...

On the Gold Pass page..

Please note that Gold Pass does not include Early Entry in the 2023 season.

On the Pre-K pass...

2023 Pre-K Pass must be redeemed by August 1, 2023 at the park. Proof of age required to redeem.

A valid 2023 Gold, Platinum, Prestige or Prestige Plus Pass is required to redeem for a Pre-K Pass. Maximum of 2 Pre-K Passes per valid season pass.

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Looks like the platinum passes do not include early entry either.

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Here's the Add-on options. Not sure this will be final, as they haven't announced it yet, but they have it out there....

I love that it says, Dining plan added to a kings island gold pass is valid only at cedar point.

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The only thing surprising to me about this is that the gold pass is still $99. I'm not complaining as I have a family of 7 that buy gold passes.

The logic is Platinum get a 25%($48) increase as early renewals went from $192 to $140, while Gold keep the same vastly under priced product at $99. This is some weird pricing logic for Cedar Fair

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I guess Gold makes more sense now that it doesn't include early entry, but it's weird that early entry could be had for $99 and now you have to jump all the way to Prestige, which also includes preferred parking and entrance, both of which seem worth the price jump to me. So they went from undervaluing early entry to making it more exclusive than ever. Strange.

Also interesting that Pre-K passes require a linked season pass. That they don't currently is a loophole we exploited for our visit earlier this week.


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I'm sold on Prestige+ for the parking and VIP alone. We love to just go hang out and do photo days and whatnot - dragging the camera with me is way easier when I have a place I can retreat to for a while. Maybe I'll even start bringing my MacBook and editing while sitting in VIP.

I'm not too bothered with the current parking setup. At least not enough to pay more. I liked it better when the busses weren't front and center. I'm assuming this years changes were done with this new plan in mind, and will be mostly the same next year. I hope they don't bring back the shores preferred lot though.

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I'm not bothered by the parking as it currently is, either, but I'm also not bothered by getting free preferred parking with my pass level.

I'm "fine" with doing regular things, but I'll always take an available upgrade if it makes sense

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These are some pretty major changes, I'm regretting answering a survey I answered about a year ago about what I valued the most in my pass, and putting "Early Entry" and "All Cedar Fair Park Access" at the top.

Also very unclear is what benefits are available at all the other parks. For $400 I'd think you'd have all the benefits at all the parks, but the last little FAQ on the Prestige Pass page seems to indicate you can only have benefits (early entry, parking?) at one park at a time, which seems completely crazy.

My big question is whether in the in-park amenities will be available at all parks with Prestige+. For example, if I have a CP Prestige+ pass, will I be able to access the VIP lounge at KI? That part isn't really clear or I missed it.

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