New Platinum Pass Questions

So my wife and I are thinking about getting Platinum Passes for next year, and I have a few questions....

I see that if we buy new Platinum passes for the 2017 season this fall that we get one free day, and that we can buy additional days for $14.99. Does anyone know if you get the Platinum Pass early entry for the days this season?

Also - I see that if you buy online, you have the option of spreading the payments over 9 months. Wondering if you need to have the passes paid in full to get the free/discounted admission days, or if you are eligible for them as long as you have started making Platinum Pass payments.


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Question best answered by calling the Season Pass Center.

On this forum, You will likely end up getting several different answers with varying degrees of relevance to your actual question.

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JTaylor -

We did the payment plan last year and were able to use the free day when we purchased at the park that day. They didn't allow us to use early entry. I don't think they offered extra days last year though.

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