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The Celebrate 150 Spectacular is just the beginning. The best bands from across the region and the nation have the chance to be a part of the park’s 150th anniversary with the new Bands in Residence program. In Frontier Town’s, Palace Theatre commemorates Cedar Point’s historic year with “Lusty Lil Celebrates the 150th.”

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When they started talking about the music history at CP, I was hoping to hear about something going into the Ballroom.

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They teased that still more announcements might be coming over the next few months; so, I wouldn't be surprised to see them say something about this later. I understand the ADA issues; but, I can't imagine they'd entirely ignore this piece of the park's history.

The other issue with the ballroom is what else is (and isn't) in there now. Live E's costume shop is in a corner, there are park offices on the other side of the stage wall, etc. Also, there is the lack of proper AC in the main room, along with bathrooms that would 100% need to be gutted and rebuilt. It just isn't a great place for guests anymore.

Not saying it would be impossible to do, but the money needed to get it up to code is more than people think.

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The building as is currently used is up to code, including wheelchair accessibility.

The issue at hand would be return on investment changing the use of the building.

Changing the use of the building dictates what the codes require and also eliminates grandfathering clauses.

The costs associated with changing the use can vary greatly and are largely dependent (not solely) on occupancy. The higher the occupancy the more restrooms, exits, wheelchair access, HVAC fresh air exchange, fire suppression, fire rating between floors (arcade and ballroom), structural integrity between floors (load capacity), lead/asbestos removal and more...

High capacity assembly halls, such as ballrooms and concert venues, are some of the most intensive code regulated buildings and therefore some of the most costly to renovate. It is often substantially more cost effective to raze a structure and build new.

Since the ballroom largely went unused as an assembly hall defined in codes (usually one year or more of non-use) it would not be grandfathered for that particular use. And even if it was grandfathered, for safety and insurance reasons the building would likely need to be brought to current codes for that type of use.

And, I am aware that they have used it recently as a ballroom, but that was likely given temporary occupancy permitting as individual events (probably with occupancy restrictions as well).

I am from Wisconsin and our codes are somewhat different from other states, but are compliant to the International Building Codes that are adopted by all the states.

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Does this new bands in residence program mean the end to the musical theater shows in Red Garter and Aldrich Theater? If so, I’m pretty ok with that. Quality has fallen off the charts the last several seasons, IMHO.

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