New gimmick on the Boo Streak...

I don't really want to spoil it for anybody, but on Sunday when I was riding the Boo Streak I noticed something familiar that wasn't supposed to be there...

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back home to my video games...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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Two train operations hitting interval?!!

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Spill the beans, Dave! I won't be making it to the park the rest of the year.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

I practically did. Just listen carefully when you get to the top of the lift. And take note of how I signed off from that earlier post.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.
(If nobody else does I'll reveal it sometime in the future.)

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Hmmmm based on the hints, I want to say it's the sound effect from Pacman.

Tonight it was a KI ride op warning us not to go in the shed.

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I'll spill the beans. The radio feedback sound that plays on the Mystic Timbers lift is also playing on Blue Streak's. I had not ridden Blue Streak for a while and wondered if this was new. They are also playing Mystic Timber's queue soundtrack in the Blue Streak station.

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I always thought it would be cool if they took the “story” from Mystic Timbers and spread it across other parks with a new attraction. So whatever forces were unearthed at Kings Island were also discovered at Cedar Point, etc.

Very likely just a gimmick but I always held out hope that one day we’d get a GCI woodie at Cedar Point with ties to the mysterious “shed”

I was in line for Raptor Friday night and I heard one of the sound effects from Disaster Transport. (That funky elongated siren noise heard in what I believe was called the “bay”)

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I heard goulish screams a few weeks ago. Last Friday I couldn't hear well it was something about don't go in or don't do something.

I heard the scream from Bashee going over the hill. Heard it from the Raptor queue as well.

I heard none of that this weekend. I did, however, hear the Space Spiral audio spiel playing at the ride cemetery.

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I thought the scream going down Blue Streak's hill was from Pirate Ride.

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Very likely just a gimmick but I always held out hope that one day we’d get a GCI woodie at Cedar Point with ties to the mysterious “shed”

I'm fine if they don't go to that well lol. That was still one of the most overhyped coaster things I can remember in the last decade or so.

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What was over hyped, exactly? It was pure marketing, and done well, at that. The shed plays well with the ride’s theme, even if nothing major happens. Enthusiasts are the ones who daydreamed up the “hype” over drop tracks, launches and other stuff - any of that is purely self-driven.

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e x i t english:

...any of that is purely self-driven.

And as predictable as the sunrise.


The same enthusiasts who complain about stacking. And agree or not, at least the shed was an attempt to provide us with entertainment while we waited for three trains on a short ride to hurry up and get outta there.

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Right, there is no way not to stack with 3 trains ops on MT given the short duration. They could have saved maybe million plus going with 2 trains and no shed, but I am glad they did what they did. The 3rd train might save only 20 seconds on the average interval even when the crews are hustling, but that really adds up over a day. It's a amazing ride with good capacity, and the shed icing on the cake. Our goal each trip is to see if we can catch each shed creature, which adds a bit of excitement at the end each ride (the tree was elusive our last trip).

Gemini 100- 6/11/01

I haven't seen Norwood in quite a few visits...

(Lots of people call him Oakley, but as he appears to be a monster, or at least something unpleasant to encounter, it would make more sense to call him Norwood. If you are familiar with Cincinnati neighborhoods, that makes some kind of sense.)

Personally, I think Kings Island needs to talk the Holovis people to render three more nighttime videos for the shed, to run during Winterfest. Put a Santa hat on the snake, hang some ornaments off of Norwood, that kind of thing.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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