New For 2017: Cedar Point Shores Water Park

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"...unobstructed views of Lake Erie."

What current obstructions exist besides the trees that serve as a windbreak on breezy days?

I suppose its a little disappointing that they arent adding any new experiences, just more of what they already have (or had in the recent past i.e. body slides).

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We-o-we-oooo said:
current obstructions.... the trees

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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When you think how old the park is, how many generations of the same family have had wonderful memories made there and how the beach, hotel and resort aspect has always had a big impact in the CP experience, it is hard not to have a reverence for the peninsula. CP Shores will make everything on the peninsula world class and is a perfect complement to the Hotel Breakers.

Just a few other thoughts, maybe some of you will wonder what I'm drinking, but it's just Diet Coke. :) But, we've heard a lot about global warming in recent years. And the weather does seem to be changing with other areas of the country experiencing more frequent floods, wildfires, water shortages, insane heat, etc. Here in northern Ohio we actually have beautiful summers and very benign weather year round. The occasional thunderstorms in the summer and a few snowy days in the relatively short winter. In addition to CP we also have a very unique and fun area in the Lake Erie Islands, especially Put-In-Bay. In the future, will CPs marketing area of resort properties, maybe tied with some synergy to Put-In-Bay, expand to new areas of the country? Could people in 20 or 30 years come to CP to vacation because of the weather? Ohio does seem to be one of the few areas of the country where global warming is making the weather better and we are basically free of rising oceans, extreme heat, hurricanes, wild fires, water shortages, dangerous animals, flooding, etc.

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The Challenge Park miniature golf course will be removed. No word on Ripcord's fate, but I think it's safe to assume it won't be where it is today.

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I'm a bit confused. The "new" Lakeside Landing sits exactly where Choo Choo Lagoon now sits. Have they not announced all of the additions?
Or will Crystal Rock Cafe go where SkyScraper and RipCord currently are?

They said there will be a new swim up bar. I wonder if they will renovate the existing Bubbles bar area or if the new swim up bar will be located elsewhere.

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This is a great renovation. I look forward to the new and improved soak...shores experience.

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Glad to see Soak City is getting some love! I think the rebranding is a great idea. It differentiates this water park from the other Soak City's in the chain. I think Soak City will see a number of updates over the next few years.

New for 2018... RMC Iron Horse!!!

Adding a couple new slides and amenities is definitely a positive in my opinion...and I'm looking forward to trying out those trap-door type slides and CP Shores in general, but I think Soak City / CP Shores is still sorely lacking pure speed slides. At least 1. I'm not saying it needs to be the tallest...but it still surprises me that with the popularity of CP they don't have any. I assume they can't really be all that expensive of an addition compared to some of the other things they've splurged on. Whatever, I'm glad they are upgrading.

The CP Shores expansion doesn't have to be limited to the old Go Kart track. The pretzel place or Cinnabon (or Subway? Can't remember what it is now), golf course, sidewalk under the Magnum, and that whole plaza will likely be swallowed up.
Is there any indication if the new Breakers tower is going on that field that was once occupied by the old, dank, musty wing of Breakers? I'm assuming that's where it would go.

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I will admit that i am bummed there does not seem to be a bowl slide or water coaster being added to the park. Who knows, maybe they still have some announcements to make this evening at the passholder event.

I was pretty shocked at the announcement of the Hotel Breakers addition. The skyline sure will look different in 2018.

I have a feeling CP Shores will see more attention to it with the push to improve the destination resort vibe of the park and as a second gate instead of an afterthought it appeared to be under the Kinzel era. A true world class waterpark and drive a lot of business and multi-day stays! Now, if only that can get some water coasters to compete with what Holiday World has! ;)

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PyroKinesis09 said:

Using Instagram tiles is nothing new, Call Of Duty did it this past Spring to announce Infinite Warfare.

Well I wouldn't have seen this whatsoever, I'm a Battlefield guy :P. Regardless though it's still cool and looks great. Instead of one image or a few showing things, it's almost like a teaser to show everything this way and build the hype up.

Also, seeing the new pool/slides/food offerings/etc. I think it's safe to say that the parks are in great hands, especially the Point. I really feel like this is going to now push multi day resort stays for sure. I haven't touched Soak City other than Bubbles for years. I can't tell you the last time I went on a slide or any attraction there. You bet I'll be back to enjoy a bit of this park for sure.

Also, now shown. Breakers will get 158 more rooms with another tower added on the property. These won't be ready until 2018. I'm wondering where it will be placed. I'm guessing maybe towards the Lakeside Pavilion area but not sure.

There will also be a remodel of Breakers Express, now known as Cedar Point Express it looks like. Some more rooms, new bedding/amenities/courtyard area.

Plus more stuff from the Sports Complex that already looks pretty sweet. I can't wait to see the finished product at some point.

Breakers, big park improvements lately & one upcoming, revised waterpark, increased beach use.

I'm very proud of this park and can't wait to enjoy some time here next season. I know it's not his style whatsoever, but I would love to see Ouimet look at Kinzel with a nice smug grin. FUN was about 20 dollars in 2012 when Kinzel retired. Now we're at $58 and going to get close to that 500 EBITDA here very, very soon I feel.

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Perhaps new tower located in former location of Gold dorm? That would be other side of parking lot from main hotel, with it perhaps being tall enough to see over that relatively low section of the hotel.

But the lake end of the former bon-air section does seem more likely. It would have about half the footprint that bon-air had. That would give it great views without blocking the existing tower.

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I scored some cool Cedar Point Shores swag today! Anyone else coming to the passholder event tonight?

TheBestPlaceOnEarth, have there been any announcements at the park regarding Mean Streak? If there are any at the event tonight, please share them!!

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There. won't. be.

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Ugh.. I planned on going tonight, but plans backfired and now I won't be able to attend. Please share your experience tonight

Based on the renderings and checking out satellite views, here's a prediction:

Entry plaza for water park on parking lot side of magnum, utilizing the former go-carts space. Once water park attendees enter the park, they can either go straight/left to head towards new children's area and other parts of the park on that side of Magnum, or use one of the 3 existing Magnum pass throughs. On the other side of Magnum, they would be immediately presented with new area to the right and existing attractions to the left.

Amusement park attendees cross under Magnum one (2?) support section away from Perimeter Road. Essentially, it would be Perimeter Road, strip(s) of greenery (perhaps with trees) and walking path all running roughly parallel between Breakers and Shores parking lot, with the tunnel under perimeter road T'ing off that path. After all guests cross through the tunnel, they enter park through the gate that is now immediately adjacent to magnum exit area plaza.

Ripcord would be relocated so that you can go directly from the parking lot to the new entry plaza. If it was left there, it would really disrupt the flow and experience. And an extra row or two of parking closer to the park never hurt anyone. I still say ripcord would look good swinging over a portion of the recently deceased Shoot the Rapids.

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Here's what I think it will roughly look like. Of course with the new kid's structure replacing the current one near Zoom Flume.

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