New digs!

I love the new design, but I think the H2 size is too large. Other than that, awesome. Nice work!

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It would've been a huge pain to port those, so yeah, the old PM's are gone.

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I really dig the new background image and the skyline at the bottom. Another thing I like is the "member info" link just drops down now instead of you having to go to a completely seperate page. The photo gallery interface is also much improved compared to the old interface. I totally agree with your decision to streamline the content too. Much of it was a duplication of stuff that was available on the official site anyway and wasn't really always the most up to date. I think overall, the site is a big step forward.

A couple suggestions though:

1.) The font you are using for forum titles, headlines, etc seems rather big and "incompatible" with the other font you are using everywhere else. I'm not really a design guy, but it just seems to clash a little bit with the other font. And with the size of it, I'm finding myself scrolling a lot more than I used to - specifically on the forum list and topic list pages. I'm running 1280x1024. Maybe at 1600x1200, this would be less of an issue, but I don't think the majority of users are up to that resolution.

2.) The images for "new post in here" and "sticky notes" and "closed topic" don't differ enough from the regular "click here to go to the topic" image. I realize that they are in fact different, but it's kind of subtle. I'll probably adjust to this one with some time.

3.) I just noticed that the "last post" times are saying "Yesterday" when the posts actually happened today.

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Sheesh, Jeff is up till 3am delivering the new Pointbuzz layout and it gets almost instantly criticized? Some peeps need to try hosting their own Cedar Point website.

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I would call it feedback more than anything. Judging by what Jeff has said so far, there are kinks to be worked out still. We're helping him find the issues that come around when launching something new into the real world.

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I just logged on and I must say I like it. I love change! Only I have one question. I see the ads like right after the post on the forums and stuff is there a way to make them on the top of all the posts or bottom or is this something new?

Great start to the new year!

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bholcomb said:
Small Gripe I have is with the multiple-page topics - There's no way from the forum section pages to jump right to the last page of the topic. (before it used to have a link to each page of it)

I'll echo that. That is the only real issue I've found with the new version.

Everything else looks & works wonderfully. Nice job. :)


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The thing is, following clicks, most people don't go to the last page, they go to the page with the first new post on it. That's why you can click the icon and it'll bounce you to the newest post.

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Yeah, its not really a big problem, but, for example, if there's a 10-page thread, and I've already read it completely (no unread posts), it takes twice as many clicks to get to the end, where I'd want to be if I'm adding a comment (click on thread title, click on '>|').

Though, as I said, its certainly not a big problem, and if Ben and I are the only ones with an issue, I suppose we'll have to evolve. :)


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Yeah. I just found it useful when I was on dialup-speed connections to be able to have one less click.

But it's certainly not a huge issue. Just something I was accustomed to.

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Is there a way to mark a single topic thread as Read? I see the Mark Forum as Read button, but even if I go through every page in a given thread, it still shows as unread in the topic listing.

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That's exactly the same behavior as the old version.

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Loopy said:
That's why I was inquiring about the "Recent" link that isn't at the top anymore,

I did the same thing Loopy. Any chance of bringing back the recent button Jeff? Please?

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I'm answering a lot of the same questions in different places, so please read over here first:

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