New Covid Protocols for this season.

Made my reservations for May 16! W00t!!!

I sent CP a customer service question, but I'll throw it out here too. If you purchased a Coastermania ticket, can we assume you automatically have a reservation for June 4th and therefore don't need to make one?

This should answer your question, MForce. Someone posted on another site with a response from Tony on Twitter that said if you are a season passholder who purchased a coastermania ticket, you must make a season passholder reservation for June 4. If it's a coastermania+park admission ticket, you're good to go- reservation is already made.

Made my reservation for June and am excited to get back to the Point!!

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RideMan said:

On rides, we're talking about outdoor spaces...COVID transmission is extremely rare in outdoor environments. Add to that something like 47% of the adult population is already vaccinated, I don't think exposure on rides is nearly as big of a problem as some of you make it out to be.

Psychology has already coined a term for it: Re-Entry Anxiety.

An amusement park will be a perfect human lab to watch it play out.

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Missed Opportunity. Could have called it Re-Insertion Anxiety. *Beavis Laugh*

It is official. "'We do not plan on implementing access passes this year,' Cedar Point's Tony Clark tells 3News."

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I say it's 95-98% certain, which is good.

However, "we do not plan on" is not "we are not". Keep that in mind if that 2-5% pops up for some crazy reason this season.

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For the longest time I was waiting for the US to get their poop together so I could come over and ride the rolly coastys. Now it's Canada that needs to get their poop together. Looks like my 2020 turned 2021 Gold Pass will just be another pandemic souvenir.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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I think in your case, there may be a good chance that you could get a refund on your pass.

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I purchased a single day pass during the preseason sale they had going on that Said it was good for any day. Do you have to make a reservation with these too? I see where it mentions 2-day passes and season pass holders but none of the early bird sale passes that are good for any day.

Obviously contact the park if you want to be sure...
But I would assume that because the ticket is good any day, you'll need to make a reservation on that ticket just as you would with a season pass.

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Glad to see things looking up. I know here in Kansas, some places in my area has never made masks required. It was up to store owners. Even though it was state mandated, some counties reversed the decision early on. I don't know about Walmarts everywhere, but in Dodge City, they recently removed the signs on doors. So other day, I took mine off as soon as I walked in. It felt like freedom! The Dollar Tree I stopped at still required masks. But the one employee was not wearing one, so I took mine off.

I am still not comfortable wearing one. But wear it when required. It just makes be do my business a little quicker at places. :)

Looks like the hours have been updated on the website... must be due to staffing issues.

It looks like 10:00 p.m. closings don't start now until June 25. I guess Coastermania will end much earlier than years past. No Dragster at midnight or Steel Vengeance at 1:00 a.m. I wonder when the hours were changed. Don't be surprised if there are other changes as the season progresses.

I had tried not to sound too pessimistic earlier in the thread about how the park will look and feel compared to last year, but staffing has always been a pain point for the park even before covid. Now, they’ve taken to dramatically reducing operating days and hours to compensate for an even bigger staffing problem. I know however that this is not just a Cedar Point problem; everywhere I look there’s hiring signs posted for businesses left and right but they can’t get anyone to apply.

That being said I expect rough seas ahead for at least the first two months of the season. I know they expect to have rides at 100% capacity and everything back to normal but that’s hard to do without enough workers.

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While enhanced unemployment was in part intended to pay people to stay home (and thus not spread the virus), expanding that benefit until September looks to have been misguided, at least with the benefit of hindsight (though I understand and largely agree with the calculus). That combined with the difficulty of getting international workers is likely making things pretty ugly in terms of staffing this season.


I am curious if anyone knows the starting salary? The local McDs in North Canton, Ohio has a sign that shows the staring pay is $13/hr. BK was at a measly $11.

Drastically reduced hours and operating calender and early line close in the face of likely crushing demand and major staffing shortfalls is a recipe for a lot of tough days at the park. I'm still excited for our July trip, but we are keeping our expectations VERY low, despite the extreme cost associated with staying on Point.

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Shades said:

I am curious if anyone knows the starting salary? The local McDs in North Canton, Ohio has a sign that shows the staring pay is $13/hr. BK was at a measly $11.

Honestly it depends. I think the marina attendants are making 12 or 11 an hour, but I'd have to check again. I can't speak for other positions though.

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Am I misremembering, or was the park not advertising $15/hr wages this season, to attract more employees?

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