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This is to stop the rash of e-mails I have gotten in the last 12 hours. I have closed the MF picture sections no questions asked. Will I update it? NO! If you send me an e-mail will I send you some pics? NO! Is there a hidden link where I can still see the pics? NO! Can I e-mail you with stupid questions? NO! Will you post the pictures from Battery Pary again? Maybe! If I do post them they will be up when I do my next major update, and those of you on mailing list know that I do my major updates evey Sunday morning.

Daniel J. Haverlock
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Is it May yet? *** This post was edit by Dan on 12/7/99. ***
I completely respect your decision. It's just a shame that human nature can make us so inconsiderate towards others about something with which we're excited; often, as in this case, severing one of our best sources for fueling this excitement. The gimme more, gimme more gene seems to always kick in no matter how in control of ourselves we think we are. Just as a side not, I must say those were some beautiful pictures!

And here's one for your SPIRIT section:
The Spirit can be defined as . . .
- the ability to almost walk on air every time you step onto the Midway.
Dan, while alot of us (including myself) enjoy what you bring and offer to the forum and the site, I have to disagree with your stance about the glut of emails over the pulling of the pics of MF.

While I understand your frustration about the boatload of emails that you have been getting about the updated pictures, lets look at this from our side.

In one day you post some nice updated pictures of MF to your site (by the way - thank you) along with a message in this forum that they are there for our viewing. Then the very next day, they are gone. What did you expect to happen? Nothing? Heck I was surprised that nobody posted something to this forum questioning why they were taken down.

People are curious. Even I wondered where they went. Granted, I didn't fire off an email to you but I still wondered why they were gone. But I think blowing a gasket the way you did was a bit out of line. Considering the number of people that visit this site, you had to know that you were going to get questioned about it and by quite a few people. I will not offer any excuses for those emails that were rude.

By the way, did you get that calendar yet?

Ain't it neat to have your butt out of the seat. *** This post was edit by MaxAirTime on 12/7/99. ***
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Don't get all hot and bothered at Dan... there are always other sides to things and you're not always owed an explanation. This is true for Dan's site, the federal government, or your daughter's volleyball coach. There is ALWAYS a bigger picture.

Remember that Dan, and indeed myself and the other hundreds of coasting Webmasters out there do this in our spare time and without charge to you. I'd rather you thanked him instead of criticizing him.

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Don't get me wrong here. I'm not teeing off on Dan. You might have misread my post though. Please note that there is not one single "!" or capitalized word in the entire post.

In reading Dans post, it sounded to me that he was really irritated at the glut of emails asking what happened to the pics. All I was trying to do is to ask him to look at this from our point of view. I don't think that people are being unreasonable by asking about what happened to them but they certainly don't need to be rude about it either.

Also notice how I opened the post. I didn't come out lambasting him. I also thanked him for the pics. So by saying that I was hot and bothered was not my intention even though you might have read it that way. Also notice the item about the calendar at the end of the post. I was the person who was kidding him about how someone should send him a calendar to let him know when it is May so he doesn't drive us crazy by asking all the time.

Working the computer field myself, I fully appreciate what you, Dan and other webmasters do in your free time to provide this service to us. I know that it is no picnic especailly on those "bad" days.

I am curious to hear what Dan has to say in response though.

Ain't it neat to have your butt out of the seat.
It's beginning to sound like everyone here either needs some Zoloft, or just a ride on Magnum or something, because the winter jitters are starting to get to everyone!!

So either pop in that tape you recorded off one of the Discovery channel specials, or close your eyes, and take an imaginary spin on your favorite CP coaster...

Feel better?

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Lets clear all the smoke of here. First off I am not mad at anyone. The decision to take the pictures down was a decision that I made last week after a conseltation with people. I just happened to delete them the day after I updated the site.

For the two weeks since the pictures have been up I have been getting a lot of mail. 99.9% of all the mail I got was good, postive, comments and people thanking me. I have no problem with the mail, I like getting it, even though I don't have time to reply to all of it.

If I sounded rude at the begining of this thread I am sorry. I just knew that I would get a slew of e-mails from people asking me questions on why I took them down. I figured that I would be nice and answer most of the questions before they were asked.

Finally about the wall calanders. I love them, for the past two years since I got my first one I have been doing my best to get the entire set. Thanks to this site I have made a new friend who has helped me with my collection and I only missing one (1992 Mean Streak) Jeff has seen my room and knows how they are displayed and I just want the collection becasue I am a huge of Cedar Point items.

Daniel J. Haverlock
'99 Magnum Count: 801
Is it May yet?

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