I'm having trouble reading the forums with Mozilla based browsers. There is a large left margin with 4 or five inches of white space. The topics and or posts are crammed into the right sid of the screen and covered up by the banner ads. Can we get a little help for thos of us who refuse to use microsoft.
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Don't know what to tell you. Netscape (based on Mozilla) works fine, as does Mozilla FireFox. Perhaps you should upgrade.

And there's nothing wrong with Microsoft. MS products power this site and it's the fastest coaster site you'll visit.

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While I agree that there's nothing wrong with using MS products, IE leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time I use it. I feel as though I have more control over the content that gets displayed on my computer when using Firefox- but that's probably because I do.

I have no issues here nor at CBuzz using Firefox. Try it, you might like it. :)

I have the same problem when looking at GTTP... erm... PB at school using Mozilla. I just tested with Mozilla 1.4, and get the same problem.

Works fine in my primary browser, FireFox 0.8, however.

Well I have mozilla dosen't work,Well on IE6 it stalls out in the forums,could be script problem. when my window stall,the os freezes up,buy the way i have broadband!!!
coasterlarry, does this freeze up involve a spinning beach ball, by any chance? Or an hourglass?

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have the same problem using MSIE 5.1 for mac. NO big deal though. I just cannot read the first couple of replies entirely.
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I actually know what the problem is, in that a panel of the page is being rendered as a table instead of a div, and they implement style differently. I'm just not going to mess with the work-around to fix it.

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I first ran into this problem when using the 7.1 RC over at KB, so I simply reverted back to 7.0 until I have time to finally assemble my own interface. On PointBuzz, I don't have a problem with the forums in FireFox 0.8 or the latest FireFox nightly, but I do have the problem with Mozilla 1.7 RC2. Oddly enough, FireFox 0.9 (and 1.0) will be based on Mozilla 1.7, so it'll be interesting to see if this problem crops up again or not.
RideMan,It just freezes up,no hourglass,no webpage- it's blank!!!!

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