More 2000 Coasters?!

Does anyone know if there are going to be more coasters in 2000? I am thinking probably not because off the $27 mill. they just shot on MF. But hey you never know.
I think that they might het some kind of Wild Mouse coaster to hold the record for at least another season. Then after a while they might get some kind of major coaster like another woodie or multi-looper.
Or maybe a new floorless!!(wink wink) *** This post was edit by Shorti2443 on 11/28/99. ***
I'm going to say that the chances of another coaster in 2000 is very unlikley. Also with (SF)Gl getting a floorless next year I find it very unlikley CP will build one in the near future.

P.S. Have you ever been on a floorless? Medusa was fun but, better multi-loopers exist.
Since they raised ticket prices $6.00, who knows. That would be great. But I think they are done...meaning they have announced everything for 2000. I look for a new coaster in 2001, even if it's a small one to keep the record going.
Nah. They probably would have announced it back when they announced MF, if they were going to get something else. Guess well just have to settle for MF... oh well.

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Oh well? Yeah, schucks, only one 310-foot coaster for next year is a bummer.

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(Laughing) Oh yeah, they do have some coaster going up in 2000 don't they. Seriously though, it is fun to imagine what CP will build in the upcoming years...especially with all the coaster technology out there now. You want CP to get their hands on it.
How bout a 500ft thrust air in a few years running down the beach?
I hope you meant by the parking lot Josh. I would hate to stay at Hotel Breakers or Sandcastle Suites with that thing racing by.
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I'd hate to have anything running down the beach. Why spoil the resort atmosphere? There are plenty of other places in the park to put rides without messing up the beach.

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