Monster Mash-Up with "The Shrieks"

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My nephew from Pittsburgh was recently hired into the Cedar Point live entertainment as part of their horn section during the HalloWeekends lineup – in the Monster Mash-Up with “The Shrieks” Band. He just arrived in town this weekend to process in. If anyone has plans to be at the park at all during the next few weeks before the end of the 2021 season and in between your spooky haunted house visits and roller-coaster rides you want to hear some great live music with a hot horn section (I can personally vouch for the trumpet player in particular – but I’m sure the rest are also top notch), stop by and watch this show at Celebration Station and catch Ethan in his latest gig! Tell him that “Uncle Tommy” sent you.

Proud to have fathered a second generation coaster enthusiast destined to keep me young at heart and riding coasters with a willing partner into my golden years!

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