Millennium Force Down 7/5

Millennium Force was down yesterday starting mid-afternoon and they were telling people it was "scheduled maintenance and would be down for the rest of the day". Work was going on under the lift and it looked like there was a new cable on a spool underneath. Anyone have any info? Seems odd that they would schedule a cable replacement mid-day in July.

Hopefully they're changing the motor back to one similar to the original that pulls the train up the hill faster.

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If something broke, the schedule changed. Duh.

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I don't think anything broke, because the downtime was posted at the ride entrance in advance of the ride closing.

As for why it was scheduled during operating hours, could be as simple as routine maintenance that required a certain number of hours to complete, and it made more sense to do it during the day rather than try and squeeze it in overnight or whatever.


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1/2 day scheduled closure…Slow news day.

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I hadn't thought, they would have to have a replacement cycle on that cable wouldn't they. Could it be more often than once a year?

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Have they tried turning it off and on again?

I don't understand people's obsession with rides being down.

CoasterHawk, like you’re one to talk. Look at your obsession with Sky Ride.

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Coasterhawk's funny brother clearly got ahold of the keyboard again. Enjoy the journey.

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