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Does anyone think that with the new Island attractions MF should be re-painted in say white or black to go with the frontier area. CP has never been too much on suspending disbelief like this. Consider MF is almost 20 y/o and there is certainly area all around MF to even build another large ride. It would also be great if Iron Dragon was painted back to a more subtle color. Does management think that people will walk past these attractions otherwise?


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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Change the color of Millennium Force?!? Are you high?

I like the color of Millennium Force!


lol no

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Judging by the previous replies, I'm going to take an unpopular position on this and say...

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They finished repainting MF (in its original colors, of course) just 2-4 years ago, didn't they?

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^ A classic

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The only thing they should be doing with MF this off-season (besides normal maintenance) is install the new cable lift motor.

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No... The current colour scheme is great...

WZMN, I fail to see how/why:

1. A white and black color scheme would make MF go with the frontier area

2. Guests would walk past MF because the color scheme stayed the same

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I will agree that Iron Dragon could use new colors though. Or its old ones, that'd be even better. As is it's a red and yellow coaster sat across from... a red and yellow coaster. Painting the supports back to the old silver/grey and maybe going with a darker shade of red for the track would help it stand out from Dragster and just make it look nicer overall.

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KEEP the blue track & gray supports.

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Only if they paint it with GOLD TRAXX

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And recover the green train from the bay.

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