Midnight Syndicate Not Returning This Year

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I'd be willing to bet they will be at HHN. Makes sense, they already do the music for it, and do meet and greets, might as well just perform there.

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Who needs Live E when you have rolly coasters?

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Bring Matt back. 😔

Agreed. Zimmerman has got to go. How do stakeholders go about impeaching a CEO? 😅

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Have you seen Succession? It’s simple, just do a hostile takeover. Anybody have some billions to spare? 😉

Sit tight fellas ;)

I don't mind CP trying something new, as long as they actually do something new and don't just leave the slot blank. But there's no precedence for that. right...?

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Midnight Syndicate isn't exactly a slot that's easy to fill, especially considering that their show was perfectly crafted for Halloweekends. While I would like to think there is something up their sleeve to fill the gap, trends are trends, and unique Live-E is clearly not a priority to Cedar Fair as a whole, and Cedar Point specifically.

The optimist in me has pipe dreams for the FF island, but that hope isn't exactly burning bright.

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I still find it crazy that the park doesn't have a good indoor show venue in the park. It's been almost ten years now without Good Time Theatre. I preferred Midnight Syndicate in the old Good Time Theatre over the Jack Aldrich.

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Calling that venue a theater might bed a little generous. Lil's was more of a theater than that box.

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The optimist in me has pipe dreams for the FF island, but that hope isn't exactly burning bright.

Wouldn't be surprised to see them turn that into a Prestige-only VIP area, which would be the complete antithesis of a family-friendly attraction. But it could at least conceivably juice short-term revenue/profit, which is all they seem concerned with these days.


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Thanks for deflating that balloon of hope just a little more. :)

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