Midnight Syndicate at Halloweekends 2018

Midnight Syndicate just shared on their Facebook page that they will be returning to Halloweekends for this season with an all new show. They were great last year - really unique. Glad to hear they'll be back!

Thank you!

We're really looking forward to coming back!

Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks - Gothic, Horror, Halloween Soundtracks for the Imagination (Est. 1996)

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Can’t wait to see it again! Amazing show!

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It's been a really great season so far. So many awesome folks coming out and stopping by. It seems a great majority of returning audience members are saying this their favorite Midnight Syndicate show yet. If you didn't like our show before, we're not saying that you'll like this one for sure but... if you found enjoyment out of any of the other shows we've done, then we'd definitely strongly encourage you to come out and see what's new this year! :)

Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks - Gothic, Horror, Halloween Soundtracks for the Imagination (Est. 1996)

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I've seen it twice and love it!

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That show is INTENSE!

Agree and is WAY better than last years paranormal version including this years music. This harkened back to the IMAX theater days but with a new demonic twist. Multiple kids were screaming toward the end of our viewing. Highly recommended.

It's a lot of fun. Probably the best one yet!

Is there a set list available of the tracks used in this year's show?

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Random question: How long does the show usually last? Might try to check it out Sunday if I have the time.

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I think it is around 30 minutes, maybe just a little less.

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Cool, I should be able to make it work. Thanks for the info.

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Stick around for the “post credits scene” on the tv screens.


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Actually, I think it's closer to 20 minutes.

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Was very good this year. My grandson didn't want to watch a stupid show. But after he'd seen it he wanted to go again. I'd seen it last year and knew he'd like it. Very good show. I hope they keep them.

This was the first time I had seen the show.

I really enjoyed it. I loved the story and loved the music. The only thing I disliked was the sight lines....sometimes it was hard to see what was on the stage from the sides.


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