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Per Midnight Syndicate's Facebook page, there will be no live Midnight Syndicate show in 2015.

In October of 2014, Midnight Syndicate Live! debuted at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends event. From the audience response to the critical reception to record-breaking attendance numbers, the show was an overwhelming success. Although the band will be using 2015 to focus on the new album, plans for a return of Midnight Syndicate Live! in 2016 are already underway. “The success of the inaugural run of Midnight Syndicate Live! has ensured that live Midnight Syndicate shows will be a permanent part of our plans going forward,” said (Edward) Douglas.

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That's disappointing. I didn't get to see them last year and was hoping to this year. It's cool they're making a new album, but I think lack of a suitable venue may be another factor in them skipping this year. But, albums do take alot of work.

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The 2014 edition of their show was a unique and clever. It would have been nice to see them return for 2015.

I assume this means that the HalloWeekends line-up will likely stay the same then this year with Sideshow at Jack Aldrich, Spooky Shenanigans at Lusty Lil's, Edge of Madness at Red Garter, and Skeleton Crew on the Luminosity stage.

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It's a bummer they won't be returning in 2015... It was a highlight of HW last year! I always had a blast doing photos and video (with permission) for them as well. Hopefully in the future the show can return.

For those pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/invertalon/sets/72157647145178857

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Wow!! Great photographs!

Seriously, awesome job capturing Halloweekends! Even though it was only last year, it makes me nostalgic!

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That album is fantastic. Great work. Halloweekends last year really was an awesome time and Midnight Syndicate was the best part. I wish the show had been videotaped so I could view it now. I hope the Syndicate does return in 2016 though, with a permanent location this time. I could see that show becoming a tradition during Halloweekends for years to come.

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Superb pics,memories of Mantis.

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Thanks everyone!

Tyler, I do actually have the entire show taped start-to-finish... I recorded it for MS as they were originally planning to put it up on YouTube or possibly DVD but they held off on releasing and asked me to not have it up on youtube and such (for now). Hopefully one day it can be released, though! It was a nice video with multiple angles, edited in with the video played during the show, etc... For not really doing video, I was pretty proud of that project!

Dennis, thanks! Yeah it was actually perfect timing... The day after I took those they had started repainting the ride. So I was happy to have gotten some photos prior to the transformation.

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Still waiting for that video...again...ugh what I'd do to be able to watch that again. Sweet performance, great music, and the ending and show elements themselves. Fantastic stuff!

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