Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Hey all. I will be in the park May 26-30th. Anyone else gonna be there? Let me know. :)

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I'll be there.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

We're going the 26th & 27th.

Looking forward to Cedar Point- July 4th-5th, 2007!

We will be there on Memorial Day (the 28th).

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Overnight stay at Breakers Express: $70
Riding rides the size of skyscrapers while "legally" breaking the local speed limit: Priceless

We should all meet up. :)

R.I.P. MrScott... You're greatly missed!!

anyone looking for someone to go on rides at the point let me know people i know are too busy an they are working the days i have off which is sundays an tuesdays an would like some company

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will be there the 27th and 28th c/o 29th

"Mean Streak crew 2004"

I'll be there on the 29th, but I'm going with our school's hs/jh bands.

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Im goin on Memorial Day.

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I'll be there!

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ill be there to!

Yep, I'll be there the 27th (weather permitting)

I'll be there 29th-30th :)

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Might decide to go from the 28th - 31st. Haven't made up my mind yet. Depends on money & the weather & if I feel like going. :)

I plan on going the 28th (Memorial Day). Gotta get that free Maverick t-shirt and fleece!

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I'll be there Friday/Saturday, and again on Monday.

Pointbuzzers who made it to Opening Day should wear their buttons. That way, any stragglers who make it over the weekend can spot them and join up.

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I'll be there on the 26th wearing my PointBuzz Button and Pointbuzz Shirt, but I will be leaving at 11am-ish after the Red Cross Riders are all done.

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I will be there on Monday, and yes, I will wear my button :)

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I'll be up there on Monday


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