Mayfly Season 2022 Edition

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Saw this video on YouTube and had to share. It's mayfly season again...

-- Chuck Wagon --
aka Pagoda Gift Shop

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I have fond memories of waking all over these growing up at the point.

First ride; Magnum 1994

I don’t know how that can be a fond memory, but ok.
I remember working at the Point and having to shutter my stand at night and set off foggers that sent some sort of 1970-legal insecticide over every surface. Then the next morning having to wipe off and sweep up piles of those little skeletons. If Groundhog Day is a fond memory then I have one too.


Nothing better than a Millennium Mayfly Sandwich!

When I worked on the Grand Prix/Sprint tracks in Challenge park, we used to have to shut down the tracks because they would become too slippery from running the mayflies over.

Campfreak06, reborn

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