May 13-16

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I am not sure if I'll make it down before park closing on the 13th, but I should be in the park May 14-16. Anyone else planning on going?

Ill be there on the 14th

2007 trips=39..08 trips=47..09 trips=79
maverick rides=143
dragster rollbacks=27

If I come to Lansing and you take me I am game :)

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If you want to ride hood ornament, sure :)

Or in the bed of my Ranger.

Throw an air mattress in that bed and we got a deal!

In all reality I might make a day trip up in this period. Because school is out and gas is cheaper now than it will ever be.
And even though it (gas prices this summer) will probably "only" increase the cost of going to CP by $4. I will still sit and whine :)
We're going the 10th and 11th and staying in one of them mini cabins at Bayshore, so we will see how those are. We have 4 people so hopefully they aren't bad for us all.

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