Maverick Station

I am very curious to see how the station of the old White Water Landing was reused for the Maverick. Does anyone have any before/after photos?

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You know that circular building where most of the queue is?

That used to be WWL's station. There was a circular platform in the middle that constantly rotated, and the logs would pull in along the outside, similar to Thunder Canyon's setup. If you look carefully when you're walking on the wooden walkway headed into the queue, you can see a remaining section of concrete trough sticking out of the building - that's where the logs came in.

You'd come down the steps in the middle to get on the platform.

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There's some good photos of White Water Landing on this site. Go to the Historical page and scroll down to the bottom, there 5 different sets.

There isn't a perfect 1-for-1 of the WWL loading area versus the Maverick queue.

The area off to the right in the above picture is now covered by the Hitchin' Post gift shop building here:

Here is the entrance to the queue for White Water Landing. The first part (off to the left) is exactly the same for Maverick. The second part exists up to the stairs which go up. The Maverick queue instead goes straight and leads into the queues inside the building.

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awesome guys! Thank you!! So interesting that they were able to reuse it like they did.

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