Matterhorn Sign Getting the LED Treatment

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The rides I remember shown were Blue Streak, Skyhawk, Valravn, and Millennium Force. But yeah, it was cool.

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It appears Parallax is also giving Super Himalaya the same treatment.

The Super Himalaya at #CedarPoint now has more than 2500 #LED lights on it, saving literally tons of carbon emissions per year. #EarthDay

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Great! Can't wait to see both of them!

The Scrambler should be next. Those yellow lights are terrible.


Nice looking rides! Good to see some of my favorite flats getting some TLC.

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I wonder if they are doing this for most, if not all, of the rides before the 150th season. Plenty of time to do so!

I hope so! It’s nice to see the older rides getting some love and updates.

Maybe Tiki and Troika next. They both use old incandescent lighting packages. (I do kind of think of that as the "retro alley" of the park though, with the plethora of old flats and midway games.)

As for Troika, I honestly like the old system. On that ride, the operator has some manual control over the lights beyond "on or off" that probably wouldn't exist in a new system. (That said, the burnt-out bulbs that are also all over Troika - particularly its hard-to-reach spots on top of the arms where maintenance can't get to much - also would be less of a problem with LEDS.)

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GigaG- Have you ever seen some of Cedar Fair’s other Troikas with the LED package? Kaleidoscope at Dorney Park looks amazing at night and I wanna say Shake, Rattle, & Roll at KI & Bad Apple at KD have LEDs as well...

PS- I’m pretty sure Kaleidoscope is on crack or something. That Troika seems to run faster than the others. It’s pretty wild.


Matterhorn has been missing the HO the past few nights. 😜

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