Math and science week

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When is it? I plan on going to the park all day today and was wondering if it's gonna be busy. I think not, since it's a weekday and schools still in session. Also, so you guys think it'll be ok to park in the soak city lot today?

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Details can be found here.

Yesterday, the park was pretty crowded. Moreso than it was all weekend.

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Im visiting today too for the first time this season, hoping for not as many students. The bulk usually start leaving by 4 or 5, and are gone by 6, so at least the last couple hrs may be slower. Probably not but I need the hope.

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Going Friday with family, staying at Breakers Thursday night. Have a feeling Friday will be crowded with school groups. Which coasters should we hit in early entry? Is the thinking still Maverick and then Millenium?

I'm there today and I went in around 9:10 maybe. I went to look at MS then rode Maverick over and over with no line whatsoever. Re-rides if no one shows up. Then I rode a couple more rides around there once 10 hit. It's mildly busy today, but certainly not Saturday in august busy.
I parked in the back.

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It wasn't too bad today. 30 min for milly and maybe 40 for mav, but that's usual. Raptor and gatekeeper were 5-10 mins, so was magnum. Just love walking the midways seeing kids doing their school packets full of physics questions and laughing. Although we did the same thing in hs. Back then we had a cool vest to wear on the rides that recorded motion (but we snuck it on under a hoodie)

First ride; Magnum 1994

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