Mantis’s original name and logo

I was cleaning out the storage garage with my dad and I saw something that said Cedar Point on it and it was an attraction I had never heard of. I asked my dad about it and apparently mantis’s original name was banshee but it was changed last minute. He said he got it he was working as a matience guy for Pepsi when cedar fair still had their drinks. And he got it from someone. (Not sure who). But anyway does anyone else have something like this.

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I know of someone on this forum with a Banshee tee shirt.... haha

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I saw someone wearing a Cedar Point Banshee shirt at the park one time

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History behind name change discussed here (one of many times on this site):

I've got a Banshee big bash shirt around here somewhere. :)

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I do too--and the announcement button, Banshee t-shirt and Banshee canceled t-shirt. Fun times!

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