Magnum Tunnel Sound Effects

I didn't see this covered anywhere on PointBuzz yet, but this neat video came to my attention. It's the sound effects from one of Magnum's tunnels, recorded all the way back in the coaster's debut year of 1989.

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30 seconds into listening and I found it extremely annoying. Reminds me of the noises they put in Disaster Transport's 'HGIH VOLTAGE' room in 2002.

Please don't.

***Edit - this post was in response to someone (now deleted) suggesting to play these sounds in Magnum's station.

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Yeah, you have to remember that the time you are in any one tunnel during the ride is probably less than 5 seconds. So that would be just enough time to hear the sound effects.

How long were these sounds effects used before they were removed? Did they play in every tunnel?

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Just the one, with fog and chase lighting in the tunnel.

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Resurrecting a thread from 2018, but for good reason! Fog and sound effects are coming back!

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I wonder if they will be the exact same sound effects. Would the park have an original recording of it somewhere? I'm not sure what the playback source was back then.

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Some footage from Magnum's opening back in 1989:

Have they mentioned anything about phase 2 of the return of Maverick’s tunnel effects too?

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