Magnum came to a DEAD STOP. Ouch.

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Scottyf said:
You've said this before, though I think this is the first time you've used your incredible nickname for Magnum twice in a post. I could be wrong. As for Meanie, if you don't like Meanie, don't ride Meanie. Lots of people do enjoy it, just like they enjoy Bluie, Gatey, Rapty, WickyT, Millie, Mavy, Irony, Draggie, WoodyX, Wildy, Gmoney and, Rougie.

I'm sorry but I just busted a gut over this!

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I had a stop in the brakes after the tunnel yesterday and all I can say is Ouch! That can give you whiplash. It pretty much stops instantly instead of gradually like all other brake runs do. I hope I never have the displeasure of experiencing that again. Everyone just needs to buckle their seat belts and be ready so the trains won't stack and this sort of thing won't happen. But I don't need to be made whole. But I heard complaints from alot of other people on the train.

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Yeah, I've experienced that jolting stop before also. I can see how it can be quite uncomfortable and even painful as a person doesn't expect to go from 60mph to 0 in 2 seconds.

Saturday I stated that my son and I were going to ride Magnum, I suggested to Mrs. jimmyburke to wait in the shady smoking area so she could vape, as it would only be about 5 minutes with no line. T o my surprise she says she would ride it also, first time in 7 years of passes. I warned her that it was a bit rough but I didn't tell her how rough as I didn't want her to back out. At the conclusion I expected to hear her say she was never riding it again. She didn't, in fact we road it again today. Now she says she will never ride it again.

Ride Magnum in a non-wheel seat (the second row of any of the three row cars on a train) any time you are looking for a smooth ride. The difference is night and day. The first row of a car isn’t all that bad either, but the second is going to give you a very smooth ride. You will still get some violent airtime if the ride is running well, but you won’t have the roughness. I think sometimes people think the airtime on the return run is roughness. Until Steel Vengeance, those return hops were the best airtime in the park, IMO.

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When riding Magnum, look to see if a train is on the lift hill when you are entering the last tunnel. If it is, you shouldn't be stopped at the brakes exiting the tunnel. If there isnt a train on the lift hill, brace yourself for a quick stop. (assuming 3 train operation)

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Cartwright said:

Until Steel Vengeance, those return hops were the best airtime in the park, IMO.

Magnum's 3rd hill was the best airtime in the park. I think the tunnel leading to it distracts from it.

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