Magnum and Gemini Closed?

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Anyone else know why they are closed today? I didn't think the Shores construction would affect them. Could it be something else?

Here are some possible reasons:

- Not enough manpower to run them!

- Is it just a temporary closure (i.e. mechanical breakdown)?

I doubt this is because of the weather because other rides are open.

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Maybe not approved by the state yet...

I was guessing wind, but i am not at the park to know for sure. Good thing because I'd be sad if I was and couldn't ride Magnum. :( It looks as though they still have water dummies in the trains on Magnum which is kind of unusual. Usually, they are long gone by opening day on that ride.


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You're welcome to wait in this thread for a definitive answer, but the rides are currently closed, and we do not know why or when they will reopen. We encourage you to explore some of the other thrilling threads we have here at Pointbuzz.

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My guess is that it's a combination of a weather issue and a staffing issue. With the high winds and cold temperatures this morning a lot of rides were running slow and required a lot of testing with water dummies (Millennium Force and Valravn didn't open until about 45 minutes into early entry because they were running so many cycles with dummies and Millennium Force was crawling). The wind is blowing from the beach (which is odd, it usually blows from the bay) which I would think would be a problem for Magnum and they probably just decided to send the staff elsewhere rather than wait for the wind to die down and pay the ride staff to stand around doing nothing since they're clearly short staffed.

As for Gemini, while the ride is valley prone that one REALLY seems like a staffing issue.

I'm just speculating and I'm prepared to be wrong, but that's my guess.

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Maybe it's due to CP Shores construction (although I don't see how that would apply to Gemini). If that's the case, it doesn't bode well for tomorrow either. Hopefully they are up by next weekend.

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It is probably the wind. The new gate construction is finished and the gate is open. I hope Magnum runs tomorrow.

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I noticed a lot of closures today, especially in regards to food & beverages and merchandise. It could even be an issue with supply chains & functioning equipment keeping food shops temporarily closed. I visit the park(on any given day) & expect nothing other than entry because that's all we are given to start with. What I do for the rest of visit,to have fun, is up to me. But I agree, Magnum & Gemini have always been great quick rides & we missed it as well today.

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I was disappointed those weren't running today, but the crowds were light.

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WT was open, rode it at 10:15am and after the first launch it stopped before reaching the station. First time that has happened to us. It was only about 5 minutes or so before it started again.

I witnessed a few impatient people at various rides, I wish they would exercise more patients as some of these crews are staffed with rookies who have never done this work before. After a few days they should be old pros.

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I don't think its the weather today as it looks like the winds have died down significantly, but Magnum is still sitting idle with water dummies. No idea what's going on, but makes me glad I am waiting until next weekend to go as Magnum is always a big part of our visits. I wonder if they weren't able to run it enough with all of the construction in CP shores? I'll be curious to see if any of the fencing around the low zones has been redone or something.

Or since Gemini is down too, maybe the park just decided to be mean to the classic Arrows.


Gemini is cycling.

I see Magnum running on the webcam this morning as well.

The line is open for Gemini now.

I haven't seen Magnum do anything all weekend. My speculation is that it's due to all the open construction areas under and around the ride. It looks workers need to be in areas that would require a lockout.

Looks like Magnum is cycling with dummies now too so hopefully it will open in a bit.


I was told Magnum was not verified by the state as of yesterday. Not sure about Gemini.

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Gemini has been open ( red side only) but was down when I walked by about 20 minutes ago. Magnum cycled a bit this morning but is lifeless once again.

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Magnum is cycling again and a few folks (including myself) lined up in front of the queue. Colleen Murphy came out and told us it would not be opening today.

Would not be surprised if this was construction related. On the webcam it looked as if the fence around the last tunnel was not completed yet, and I just saw someone walking inside the fenced area.

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