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Back in the earlier days of my Cedar Point obsession I'd guess I spent more than $40 each on ebay buying the annual poster calendars the park used to release. I believe I have from 1988 to 2006... you do the math. Now they're sitting in poster tubes in a closet in my basement... I really like the new Magnum one, I may try to get it but won't be crushed if I can't because I think I knew where it will end up.

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We'll miss you MrScott and Pete


The posters are numbered. They are signed. They had limited quantities available online where anyone with a computer or smartphone could easily buy them, quantities that were and still are stated on the website. Furthermore, WCO has always had exclusive gifts or items available only to the WCO attendees. That hasn’t changed at all and happens every single year. Last year we all had the opportunity to buy anniversary merch long before the public could and guess what? It turned out just fine for the rest of the folks who ended up getting theirs last summer.

To some of us, these posters have higher value anyways and to some they do not. But, being that they are limited in number, individually signed and numbered....they certainly are far more valuable than some run of the mill generic poster that you can find in any of the parks gift shops.

My apologies. I did not know they were numbered and signed. I only read the press release; I did not click on the posters themselves in the on-line store.

Now it makes sense that there is a limited supply.

Hey all I wanted to update those of you who ordered a print. So as I had mentioned earlier a shipping label was created for mine on Monday but never progressed past that point. I emailed the company and they responded, telling me this has been an ongoing issue with them and USPS; apparently usps doesn’t scan the packages at pickup now so it’ll be stuck in that status. They said they ship out nightly from Cincinnati and if by the end of next week I hadn’t received it to reach out to them.

Mind you I live three hours from Cincinnati so since it’s not here yet I’ll likely have to reach out to them again.

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Fascinating. Good to know and thank you. I was thinking about ordering ahead. I'm building a new studio and those will be perfect for the theme. But now I'm certainly going to wait until WCO to purchase.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

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I bought some stuff from them last year and it was pretty much what you are saying. I never got any tracking info/shipping updates and then all of a sudden my stuff showed up. Annoying since in this age we basically always know how long and where are stuff is at but, first world problems.

As 99er experienced, my print arrived magically today. It’s amazing quality and looks great framed. Well worth the price!

Hopefully there's some left for online folks this week.

They could easily make some that aren't signed/ numbered and continue printing these. Im sure people would continue to buy them throughout the year online and at the parks. Or just make a pre order window to get X amount and once closed it's gone.

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I received confirmation yesterday that there will be unsigned non numbered prints available later but the design will be slightly different? That was from the gentleman manning the booth to select them yesterday.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

I would hope that the prints that were exclusive to the online sale only would not be sold generically afterwards or made widely available. I support a design change though, but part of the uniqueness as discussed before would certainly be diminished if printed and sold this summer in the park.

But then again I wouldn’t put it past the park to do that either. Case in point, the whole “gone when gone” phrase used at WCO last year regarding 150th anniversary merchandise didn’t age well. I suspect there’s a lot more of the limited edition merch available than it’s made out to be.

On a side note I saw photos of the new posters being sold at the park this summer and they all looked very cool.

The posters do look much nicer in person than online pics. With the very vibrant colors, pic really does pop.

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Stacys said:

The posters do look much nicer in person than online pics. With the very vibrant colors, pic really does pop.

Tbh they don't excited me at all. But I have yet to see them in-person.

First ride; Magnum 1994

Well.... guess they lasted mere seconds. Saw them all there and like that were gone...

edit: may have been pulled due to not 10am yet..... hopefully

Maverick and Magnum were gone in seconds.... they really missed the demand.


Likely a restock / unsigned copies of the posters at a later date? Hopefully as needing Magnum/Maverick.

Edit3 (dont want to double post) :

Confirmed non signed in future!

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^ Thanks for the update! I just got online and found sold out. I screamed out BULL**** but came here and found your post and glad they are doing unsigned later on, as I could care less about having signed. I knew with limited, they would go quick. In my experience with limited edition prints and books, publishers normally make available both sign & unsigned copies for people to choose from. I am a collector and have bought many limited edition items over the years. But there are times I just want a cheaper alternative. Hopefully I will find out when the park will release the unsigned ones.

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I purchased the Magnum print at WCO and I love it! Can't say enough about the excellent quality of these.

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Staked out the page and was refreshing every 5 minutes starting at 9am this morning. Was lucky enough to snag a Magnum and Millennium poster. Timing on getting them should be perfect as I'm nearly done furnishing my new house and about ready for the decorations. Can't wait to see them in person!

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They need a poster for Rougarou.

Posters back in stock Friday (unsigned editions)

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Shawn Meyer said:

They need a poster for Rougarou.

Shawn, there are some that say that every single time they ride Rougarou they feel as though they have been "posterized".

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