Locker Fees

I'm just curious how much the single use lockers are by the major roller coasters (Magnum, Millennium Force, etc). - Lisa

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I'll try to answer your question; the locations you speak of have a "moveable locker" option, which is all we have ever done since it makes the most sense $$-wise. I believe it is (ballpark) $18 per day.

I have never used a locker at Cedar Point as a single-use, but that would obviously be less. The website does not seem to be clear on exact pricing. The advantage to the moveable option is that you simply enter your code from place to place as you navigate the park. Of you have to have something with you, it's convenient.

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We used the one by Valryvn last Sunday, single use. It was $3.

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Last I checked, and I may be wrong, but the all day locker is $10.

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