Live entertainment showtimes reduced

They posted the showtimes for more of the live shows through August. I don't have last years schedule to compare, but it looks like everything's been cut back. Some shows are down to less than 1 a day in June and don't pick up much more the rest of the summer.

Anyone know what happened here? Did they cut the budget? Can't find performers? Am I just reading this wrong?

Yes, live entertainment shows have really been cut. They used to appear 5 to 6 times a day. Most are only 3 times a day. One or two may have been 4 times a day. Early season there are a couple of shows that are only once a day. I'm wondering how many performers appear in more than one show.

Or a parade, or a boat ride, or an interactive experience.

I keep forgetting that Forbidden Frontier is a thing…

I haven’t kept track of showtimes in recent years, but I agree that the showtimes for the more traditional shows seem anemic. I assume that the lack of evening showtimes, specifically, may be to prevent cannibalization of the (expensive) parade.

Thrills Around the Corner!

The earlier parade start time this season might have condensed the schedule for the day. Also, they might be making an effort to lighten the physical strain on the performers across the summer too.

It will be tricky to catch all the major productions with the fewer and overlapping showtimes though.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

Cedar Fair always recycles performers in the parades. They reduces shows at Winterfest because of it. I prefer more shows rather than a parade. it makes it harder to see the shows.

If they are sacrificing shows for Forbidden Frontier that’s a mistake My experience at FF was last year and I found it unorganized, incoherent and not that interesting

Some shows have more performances into the season (from 1 to 2 lol) That seems like an issue with the number of performers Or maybe it’s because of FF

I find it hard to believe that it’s hard to find performers after virtually all of them being unemployed in 2020

I don’t know if you noticed but lot of restaurant workers that were unemployed in 2020 didn’t go back. They found jobs elsewhere or not at all.
You do realize that that virtually all of the show performers at CP are college hires and 3rd or 4th year majors in theatre and/or music, right? And most of them are in for one season then move on to brighter marquees. Like the other seasonal jobs, not many stood around waiting for CP to open back up. And by now school is over for most of them, anyway.

Yes I realize they are college age performers and their is a massive pool of them eager to perform. Especially after no opportunity in 2020 and fewer performance opportunities now than pre pandemic. I don’t believe their is a performer shortage unless they don’t want to spend their summer in a semi rural area like Sandusky.

As far as restaurant workers, that’s not exactly a “passion” job like performing. So the two can’t be compared.

Well it is a dying city after all.. LOL

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