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Middle and rear row seats are not comfortable for those of us who have longer legs as our knees get bumped up from the seat back in front of us.

I'm 6'6" and have no problem sitting in rows 2 & 3 of Magnum cars. Sure it's a little tight getting in and out, but once I'm seated with my legs crossed, I'm totally fine.

Also as for the Maverick restraints, I actually preferred the old ones, as a tall individual. The current straps are pretty tight on my shoulders, whereas the old restraints gave the sense of open air. Agree that you had to ride with some awareness, but I'm fine with that. Also I find the contour of Maverick's seats less than comfortable. I'm far more comfortable in a row 3 Magnum seat than I am in a row 1 Maverick seat.

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I’m glad you don’t have a problem on Magnum with your height. I unfortunately do 😞

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Whereas Magnum at one time provided a somewhat comfortable and thrilling ride for me, but it no longer does

Sounds like a "you problem" rather than a problem with the ride. Just like a spinning ride making me nauseated is a "me problem".

And I much prefer Maverick's original restraints for the same reasons as laid out by our resident Smoking Area Drone Pilot, so no, the change didn't make it more comfortable for everyone.


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What do you think Cedar Point’s rational for changing Mavericks restraints was?

Also I didn’t mean literally “everyone” for further clarity.

You’re right. It is a me problem. I don’t think I ever said it wasn’t a me problem LOL. I made that very clear when I said I would welcome any changes that would improve the ride experience. You like Magnum and don’t think it requires a change while I do. It’s not more complicated than that ;)

I think the main reason CP changed the Maverick restraints was to avoid the "no earring" policy. Although there are some exceptions for taller folk, I think the Maverick restraint change was definitely for the better.

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Just because it is fine for YOU, does not mean it is fine for someone who finds it to be uncomfortable and unenjoyable.

So you agree with Brandon completely?

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I think the Maverick vs Magnum comparison is a little off-base here because there's a difference between changing the otsr comfort level (by the same manufacturer) and reconfiguring the lap restraint.

Do you find the ejector airtime on Maverick or Steel Vengeance to be worse than Magnum's bunny hills? If not, why not? What is it about their restraint systems that makes it more palatable than it is for Magnum?

I'm not ao sure that Magnum has in fact become any rougher than it originally was.

I suspect that people have just become accustomed to modern train and track that offers a smoother ride, so now by comparison Magnum seems rougher.

I actually think that the alleged "roughness" is part of the ride experience, and Magnum is still one of my very favorite coasters.

Changing Magnum would be like RMC-ing a classic woody like Blue Streak. Sure, Mean Streak needed it, because the ride experience was on the lousy side from day 1, aside from the visual aspects of traversing the structure.

Leave Magnum as is, it is a classic, and to many people it is a great ride. If you prefer smooth, there are 16 other options for you.

When I worked at Magnum, we had many regulars, a lot of which have been riding since 1989. Thousands of rides. They all told me it’s ridden the same as it has since the modifications (reprofiling of the third hill/pretzel and the relocation of the trims) in the early 90s. It’s the same ride. Granted these accounts are over a decade old, but people have had these exact same complaints for decades. I personally love the ride.

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So you agree with Brandon completely?

Huh? I don’t think I ever disagreed with anybody about the fact that every person has a ride preference and I’m also not sure what I said that you chose to interpret it that way. But what I can do is express that the ride is terribly uncomfortable based on my most recent experience, and suggest that any modification to the ride to make it more enjoyable (yes, for myself), is welcome. I

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What is it about their restraint systems that makes it more palatable than it is for Magnum?

For me and others in our group it’s the heavy black bar on Magnum only on the return hills. I’m assuming it’s because of the weight, position on our legs, and less surface area.

What is interesting though is the younger ones in our group (10-16 ages) complain about shin pains on Steel Vengeance where that does not bother the adults.

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Middle and rear row seats are not comfortable for those of us who have longer legs

You're telling this to someone who is 6ft1 with long legs, and I have no problem with Magnum. Mine Ride on the other hand.....


Nothing against Margot, but I think most of us have a much better chance to ride Magnum

Speak for yourself! 😅


You're telling this to someone who is 6ft1 with long legs, and I have no problem with Magnum. Mine Ride on the other hand.....

I am 6’4” with very long legs. Like I told Dvo, I’m glad you don’t have problems on Magnum. I do. I would think by now everyone would have an understanding that all body types are different. My height is not in my torso ;)


just don't know where to sit to avoid the ouchies.

This is the problem though. I shouldn’t have to know the “right way” or “where to sit” for a roller coaster to not physically assault me when I ride it. That notion is such an asinine thoosie concept that desperately needs to die.

But you do know. What’s asinine are the enthusiasts who have been told a hundred times how to ride and where to sit, don’t do it, and then like clockwork go online to bash a generally beloved ride because it gave them ouchies.

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I find it interesting that every time I ride Magnum and we come out of the last tunnel the people sitting in front of and in back of me without fail yell to everyone how this is the worst roller coaster they have ever been on. They continue on with how they have bruises on their legs and they now have a splitting headache. And finally they profess that they will never ride Magnum again. And if by chance we come into the station and there is no line they wrap up their comments with how there is no was we could pay them to go on it even if there is no line. It is starting to really remind me of what I would hear on Mean Streak.

Are these people exaggerating - sure. But at some point if the only people who truly enjoy a ride are the old timer enthusiasts, isn't that a bad sign for a ride?


enthusiasts who have been told a hundred times how to ride and where to sit, don’t do it,

I’ve sat where you “supposed” to sit. It still beats the hell out of me. But the point still stands a coaster shouldn’t have to be a learned experience to be enjoyable. If it does then it has issues that need to be fixed. Just like everyone who says Rougarou is good if you do X-Y-Z with your head. I shouldn’t have to know some thoosie secret method to make a coaster an enjoyable experience.

As mentioned above, yes everyone will have a different ride experience based on height, where they sit, etc etc no doubt there. But there’s a simple solution. If you ride it and don’t like it, yes you can have that opinion, but in my mind there’s really no need to broadcast it to all of Erie County. For some people certain rides are a 1 and done experience and that’s totally fine. Also as mentioned above, if you ride magnum and you see you don’t like it, that’s simple you have 17 other coasters to pick from. Not trying to be mean or a debbie downer, but not sure why Magnum get so much hate. Is it a little on the rough side with the bunny hills, sure, but the airtime is the best part of any coaster. Plus you’re at the park, and away from work, chores, and responsibilities you have at home. Enjoy your time at the park and have a great time on the rides.

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