Lift Hill Track Rising

Check the web cam, They are hanging track on the lift as we speak.

Chris DeFouw
That's scary that I happen to check out the webcam, see the lift rising, and then try to come and post it here only to see that someone already has ;)
My thoughts exactly ACerCG! LOL! I want it to be May!!!!!!
It kills me looking at it and seeing that the lift track is now higher than Magnum :(

Daniel J. Haverlock
'99 Magnum Count: 801
Is it May yet?
Is there any way someone can get an across the bay pic of the lift with track sometime soon? That would rock, thanx in advance to anyone who may do it.
Man it is high now almost to the top.

...We hope you have a great day here at Cedar Point America's Rockin' Roller Coast
Look at the weather today!! Are they working or do they get the day off? It is perfect! Sun shiney and a few clouds!!

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