LHP vs Breakers amenities?

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Contemplating a mid/late August stay for a couple of nights. Mom is interested mostly in just lounging with little in-park time.

When staying at LHP do you still get full Beakers privileges like pools, beach chairs/umbrellas? (I realize they are first come and LHP has its own pool)

With a cabin/cottage can you cook with a small tabletop propane grill/stove or only the provided charcoal grill?

Does the shuttle still run from LHP over to Breakers or do you have to hike it?

Kevinj -

Our two favorite places to stay.

The shuttle service is still a thing. It will take you anywhere you need to go.

You could absolutely bring your own little grill if you don't want to do the classic charcoal/metropark-style grill that they have. There is plenty of room to do your own thing.

With LHP you still get beach access, but technically you need to be a Breakers guest to use their pools.

We have only ever stayed in the cottages at LHP; the view of the water from the deck is wonderful.

Are you contemplating between LHP vs Breakers?

Cargo Shorts -

Pbuzz will not let me reply to your comment Kevin. You have failed me for the last time. :)

Yes, we are contemplating a cottage or suite in Breakers as both are priced about the same, maybe 3 nights. Pros and cons of each. Breakers is more convenient for waterfront, cottage allows for grilling non-park type food for some dinners/breakfast. The boys are definitely pro Breakers, we are still on the fence.

Mom is celiac and there are choices in and out of park but still limited, thus the grilling at cottage advantage. She has a drink plan but not meal. We could get a wristband for couple of the full days or it looks like I can still tag on an all season plan through the CW portal since it is our home park for $120US and it will be good through Labor Day 2022.

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I originally hit "reply" instead of "post answer", so trying that this time around.

If someone is going to do mostly lounging, Breakers would be the better choice in my opinion. There is more indoor and outdoor space to lounge privately or publicly; not that the the cottage isn't relaxing in its own right, but it would feel a bit more isolated. The view from the deck in the back to the water is gorgeous, but the pier is still broken from storm damage and not in use, and Steel Vengeances' lift hill is ever-present.

Cargo Shorts -

It was extremely painful but I pulled the trigger on Breakers. If it were just me and the boys we would be forking over $35/night for a primitive tent pad at Camp Sandusky or driving home each night. Gotta keep Momma happy.

Cargo Shorts -

Oh, and thanks for the free consult. :)

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